This alert generates the day after an AU is placed on SPA Hold by the user or ACES. A new alert generates each day the AU is on SPA. Only one alert per head of household generates.

ACES deletes all SPAs at monthly issuance, month end, and any time eligibility is recalculated by the system. Any unfinished work on a deleted SPA will be lost.



·         To inquire on a case held on SPA, take the following steps:

1.     From the ALPR or ALCA screen, enter [I] – SPA Inquiry in the select field.

2.    Press <F15> - amen and the HELD screen displays.

o    This screen shows the menu option used, the benefit month, and the user ID of the user working on the AU when it was placed on SPA.

3.    Press <F3> to return to the alerts screen.

·         To remove a case from SPA and complete the case actions, the user that was in the case at the time the case was put on SPA or a Regional Supervisor (unit type 86) with the region, must access the case:

o    In the same benefit month.

o    In the same menu option the case was put on SPA.

4.    Press <TRANSMIT> from the HELD screen to access and complete the case actions.

·         To remove the SPA and disregard all changes previously made:

5.    Enter [Y] – Yes in the Del field and press <F24>.



Enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>.