This alert generates the day after an AU is placed on SPA Hold by the user or ACES. A new alert generates each day the AU is on SPA. Only one alert per head of household generates.

ACES deletes all SPAs nightly. Any unfinished work on a deleted SPA will be lost.



To inquire on a case held on SPA, take the following steps:

  1. Access the case using ACES 3G,
  2. The Saved Session page displays
  • This page shows the menu option used, the benefit month, and the user ID of the user working on the AU when it was placed on SPA.

To remove a case from SPA follow the steps outlined in How do I take a case out of Saved Session in ACES 3G?



In ACES 3G, to delete an alert place a checkmark next to the alert on the Case Actions page. In ACES Mainframe, enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>.