This two-tier alert generates when the Employment Security Department (ESD) file indicates the client has income on the ACES wage database, but the employer is not listed in ACES.  This process does not check for income. 

The alert displays approximately 45 days prior to the Eligibility Review end date for Basic Food and the following Medical Coverage Groups: F02, F03, F05, F06, P02, P04, & P05. 

The monthly ESD interface triggers an alert only for the following SSN verification codes:

  • TR - Tax Records
  • TP -TPQY
  • FV - SSA Interface (Fed Verif)
  • CA - SSN Card
  • EP - Employment Records / Pay stub
  • MR - Military Records
  • SD - Verified by SDX (System Generated)
  • SS - Statement from SSA

 Employment Security matching compares the last five work quarters of ESD data. If the second tier of the alert is requested after the fifth quarter of wages is no longer available in ACES, Edit 1784 – REQUESTED DATE IS OUTSIDE CURRENT DATE RANGE is received. 

This means the WGEI screen no longer has any data for this client. If earnings received within the previous five quarters could affect eligibility, then an alternate source for the wage information needs to be found.



·         To review Employer information from the ALPR or ALCA screen:

1.    Enter [Y] in the S field.

2.    Press <F13> - tier and the WGEI screen displays.

o    The WGEI screen displays Employment Security wage information for up to five work quarters. 

3.    Verify the information listed on the WGEI screen and determine if the employer listed still employs the client.

o    If the employer information is not current, determine if the client was active during the time of employment and take the appropriate action to correct historical eligibility.

4.    Enter or change the employer’s name on the EARN screen to match exactly the employer name on WGEI, as long as they are the same employer. 

o    If the employer's name does not match exactly, the discrepancy alert will continue to generate.

5.    Commit the data.



Enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>.