This two-tier alert generates weekly for pending and active client in a cash or medical program when information received on the Division of Child Support (DCS) New Hire file shows a client started working in the previous 30 – 45 days.

For the Basic Food Program, this alert displays approximately 45 days prior to the Eligibility Review End date.

If a SSN match is found on the New Hire file, the following criteria must be met:

1.    The first 5 letters of the last name match on ACES and the New Hire file; 

2.    The client has one of the following financial responsibility codes:

o    AL - Alien Sponsor

o    DI - CA/MA Sanctioned

o    FD - FS E&T Disqualified (FS)

o    ID -  IPV/Drug Felon Disqualified (FS)

o    IP - Ineligible Person

o    ND - Non IPV Disqualified (FS)

o    OS - CL Inc/Assets/Exp Treated as Recipient but Active in Another AU

o    PM - Parent of a Minor Parent

o    PN – Applicant

o    RC - Recipient of Cash Only

o    RE – Recipient

o    RM - CA Ineligible Person Receiving MA Only

o    RN - CA Sanctioned Receiving MA Only/FAP Recipient

o    SP -  Ineligible Spouse

3.    The client meets one of the following conditions:

o    Is 18 or older;

o    Is the Head of Household under 18, and has a financial responsibility code RE - Recipient;

o    Is not the Head of Household, under 18, at least 16, and not attending school full time.

4.    The client has no employment entered on the EARN screen.

5.    The client has earned income but the employer on ACES is not the same as the employer on the New Hire file.



1.    On the ALPR or ALCA screen,

o    Enter [Y] in the S field and press <F13> to view the second tier.

o    The DCNH screen displays information for clients found on the New Hire File who are either in ACES with no earned income or have earned income but for an employer other than the employer on the DCS New Hire file.

o    This alert must be worked within 60 days.

¨        The New Hire information is purged after 60 days and edit 0486  – THERE IS NO “TIER” INFORMATION TO BE DISPLAYED FOR THE SELECTED ALERT displays if a user attempts to access this tier.

2.     Verify employment for the client. 

o    If it appears that the client has started working:

¨        Contact the client or the employer to determine if the client is newly employed.

¨        Add the employment information on the EARN screen.

o    If the client has earned income but the employer in ACES is not the same as the employer on the New Hire file:

¨        Investigate the discrepancy and make appropriate additions or corrections to the EARN screen.



Enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>.