This two-tier alert generates when a State Supplemental Program (SP) AU isn't AUTO opened because:

  • the SDX interface shows SSI Medical (S01) is not open,  or
  • there is an ineligible spouse in the home and this is not indicated on either the Basic Food or WASHCAP AU.

Line 2 of the alert states SSP AUTO-PAY NOT POSSIBLE, PROCESS MANUALLY and includes one of the following discrepancy messages:

  • SSI Medicaid AU not open
  • SDX shows Ineligible spouse, but clnt on FS alone
  • SDX shows Ineligible spouse but clnt on WASHCAP



·         If line two of the alert states SSI Medicaid AU not open, determine if the client should be opened on S01. 

1.     Enter [Y] in the S field and press <F13> to view the second tier.

2.     Review the client’s SDX1 screen information. 

3.     If appropriate, open an S01 AU.

·         Determine if the client is eligible for SP benefits. 

1.     If appropriate, open an SP AU for the client.  For more information, see State Supplement Program (SSP).

·         If line two of the alert states SDX shows Ineligible spouse, determine if client is single or not.

1.    Review the client’s marital status codes on the SDX3 and DEM1 screens. 

2.    Determine if verifications are needed.

3.    Based on findings, you may need to: 

  • Add a spouse to a BF AU, or
  • Close the BF or WASHCAP AU.



Enter [Y] in the D field and <TRANSMIT>