ADDR - Household Addresses Screen

What is the ADDR screen?

The ADDR screen is used to enter, edit, or display the client’s name, address, and phone numbers. It also indicates:

  • Appropriate CSO and catchment area.
  • Authorized Representative/Payee assignment.
  • Primary Language and if an Interpreter is needed.
  • Visually or hearing impaired.
  • USPS Standardization.
  • Indian Country.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the ADDR screen?

The Web screening Applicant page is a mirror of the ADDR screen.

All information entered on the Applicant page during screening is pre-filled on the ADDR screen during Interview.

Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Auth Rep/Payee: Enter [Y] – Yes if an authorized representative or payee is needed for the client.
  1. Primary Lang: Enter the Primary Language code for the language the client reads and understands.
  2. Interpreter Needed: Enter [Y] – Yes if the client needs assistance with communicating verbally.
  3. Residential Address:
  • If Place of Residence is selected:

    • Enter Attention, Firm/Corporate, or “In Care Of” information in the Attn/Firm: field.
    • Enter the client’s entire address including apartment or suite number in the Address Line 1 field. (Example: 1234 Main St SW Apt 3)
    • The Address Line 2 should only be used if the entire address will not fit in Address Line 1.
    • Enter City and ZIP code information in the City and Zip fields.
  • If Homeless is selected:

    • Address Line 1 will prefill with a street address of HOMELESS after the mailing address has been validated

    • City and ZIP code information is required in the City and Zip fields.

    • Mailing Address information is required for all homeless clients and must be entered in the Mailing Address section.

  • If Address Confidentiality Program is selected:

    • Enter the client’s personal Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) code in the Attn/Firm field.

    • Address Line 1, City and Zip fields auto prefill with ACP address information. (PO Box 257, Olympia WA 98507-0257)

  1. County Code: Enter the 3 digit code that represents the county the client is living in.
  • This is a mandatory field which is pre-filled during screening when the address is standardized.
  • If standardization cannot be completed, manual entry of this field is required.
  1. Prim Phone:  Enter the primary phone number for the client.
  2. Sec Phone:  Enter the secondary phone number for the client.
  3. USPS Standardization: This field is pre-filled by ACES based on whether or not the address has been standardized.
  4. Indian Country: Enter the client’s Indian Country code.
  • The Indian Country field on the ADDR screen is used in relationship to TANF time limits. In order to calculate eligibility correctly ACES must know if a Native American client is living in Indian Country. The Indian Country field on the ADDR screen is used as part of this determination.
  • Indian Country mapping requires a client’s address to be "validated". A standardized address is considered valid and ACES uses this address to make an automatic determination of which Indian County the client lives in.
  • Once the address is standardized, ACES looks at the ZIP+4 and compares that information with a list of Indian Country ZIP+4 codes.
  • If the ZIP+4 is found to be within Indian Country, ACES populates the Indian Country field on the ADDR screen with the Indian Country code of the land owner's tribe.
  • If the address cannot be standardized, ACES will not know where the client lives in relation to Indian Country boundaries. ACES displays a hard edit on the ADDR screen asking the user to update the Indian Country code.

  • When the address cannot be standardized and:

  • When the Indian Country valid value is entered manually the Nat Amer Tribefield on the DEM1 screen must also be updated.

  • When a client is an American Indian/Alaskan Native (coded in the Nat Amer Tribe field on the DEM1 screen, the information entered in the Indian Country field is compared to a list in ACES of Washington Tribes with a 'not employed' rate greater than 50 percent to determine if that person’s TANF must be included in the 60 month count. ACES updates the TICS screen accordingly.

  1. Mailing Address: Enter only if different from the residential address.

Updated ADDR screen in Mainframe