ALAS – Aliens, Students and PII Screen

What is the ALAS screen?

The ALAS screen is a client level screen used to record data about non-citizen or student clients, as well as the Psychiatric Indigent Inpatient (PII) medical assistance program.

When client data is entered correctly ACES determines eligibility for non-citizen clients in accordance with policy. This includes clients that are not eligible because they are not documented, as well as clients that are documented but not program eligible because of federal policy limitation. See EA-Z Manual - Citizenship and Alien Status.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the ALAS screen?

Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

In the Alien Details section:

  1. Citiz: This field is auto-populated with information from the DEM2 screen.
  • Citizenship coding cannot be changed from the ALAS screen, if the valid value in this field is incorrect the user must go back to the DEM2 screen to correct the data.
  1. INS Stat: Enter information about the client’s current Immigration and Naturalization Service Status (INS) status.
  2. Date INS Stat Granted: Enter the date the client’s current INS status was granted.
  3. Spons Alien: Enter [Y] – Yes if someone is sponsoring the client.
  4. Country of Origin: Enter the country of origin.
  5. Entry Date: Enter the date the client originally entered the United States.
  • Once an Entry Date is entered, do not change it even if the client’s status changes.
  • The Entry Date may be different from the date in the Date INS Stat Granted field.
  1. Initial INS Stat: Enter the client’s initial INS status.
  2. Stat Dt: Enter the date the client’s initial INS status was granted.
  3. INS Number: Enter the client’s alien number .
  4. Refugee Resettlement Agency: Enter the name of the Resettlement Agency.
  5. Other Fed Qual Stat: Enter the appropriate valid value based on the client’s situation.
  6. Alien Wk Qtrs: Enter [Y] – Yes if the household member qualifies for Basic Food with work quarters. See EA-Z Manual – WAC 388-424-0020 How does my alien status impact my eligibility for the federally-funded Basic Food benefits?
  7. Qtr Met Date: Enter the date of the 40th work quarter.
  • If the Alien Wk Qtrs field entry is [Y] – Yes, the client will be approved for benefits beginning the first of the quarter following this date or the date of application, whichever is later.
  1. Alien Med Emer: Enter the alien medical emergency indicator.

In the Alien Medical section:

  1. Approv source: Enter the HCA Medical Consultant or ADSA Headquarter staff Approval Source code.
  2. Approv Begin : Enter the approval period begin date as provided by the HCA Medical Consultant or ADSA Headquarter staff.
  3. Approv End : Enter the approval period end date as provided by the HCA Medical Consultant or ADSA Headquarter staff.

In the Student Details section:

  1. Student Status: This field is auto-populated with information from the DEM2 screen. Student status information cannot be changed from the ALAS screen. If the valid value is wrong in this field the user must go back to the DEM2 screen to correct the data.
  2. Educ Level: Enter the student education level status code. The valid value entered here has a direct affect on a Basic Food client’s eligibility to receive benefits. These valid values were developed to directly correspond to the criteria in policy related to student eligibility. See EA-Z Manual – WAC 388-482-0005 How does being a student of higher education impact my eligibility for the Washington Basic Food Program?
  3. School Name: Enter the name of the school the student is attending.
  4. Dep Care Respon: If the client is a student and responsible for the care of child, information about this child is entered here. The valid value entered directly corresponds to policy, is related to student eligibility, and is used with the valid value entered in the Educ Level field to determine if a person attending school is eligible to receive Basic Food benefits.
  5. HS Complete (MM YY): Enter the month and year the client is expected to complete high school or receive a GED.
  6. Special Ed/Exception: Enter [Y] – Yes in this field if the client meets the criteria to receive assistance beyond their 19th birthday. This is a required field for a TANF / SFA AU when a child will not graduate prior to their 19th birthday. See EA-Z Manual - WAC 388-404-0005 How does a child's age and attendance in school affect their eligibility for TANF and SFA?

In the Psychiatric Indigent Inpatient section:

  1. Rsn Cd: Enter the Regional Support Network Authorization code.
  2. Rsn Number: Enter the nine digit Regional Support Network authorization number for the psychiatric inpatient admission.
  3. Admit Date: Is auto-populated with the application date.
  4. Exception Cd: Enter the PII exception to policy code.