SHEL - Shelter Expense Screen

What is the SHEL Screen?

The SHEL screen is used to record shelter expenses such as rent and utilities. Only the SHEL screen for the head of household displays in the regular screen flow. For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the SHEL screen?

Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Rent AMT: Enter the rental obligation or
  2. Mortgage AMT: Enter the client’s mortgage obligation.
  • If the household contains an ineligible AU member with income, such as an undocumented alien, the shelter costs should be coded on that member’s SHEL screen. This prorates the shelter expenses.
  1. Primary Heat/Cool Source: Enter the type of heating or cooling source.
  2. Public Housing or Rent Subsidy: Indicate if the client is living in subsidized housing. For more information, see EA-Z Manual - WAC 388-478-0010 Households with obligations to pay shelter costs.
  3. Util Std: Enter the client’s utility standard. This field is used to compute Basic Food eligibility for the household.
  • The utility standard information normally is entered on the SHEL screen of the client who is the head of household for the Basic Food AU except in the following situation:
  • If the Basic Food household contains an ineligible member (ND) with income (such as ineligible aliens, clients who refuse to provide a social security number, etc.), the SUA utility standard needs to be coded on the ND (Ineligible member) SHEL screen. After determining the correct SUA based upon the number of members in the AU, the SUA may be prorated as a part of the AU's shelter expenses.
  • If the head of household is a non member (NM) (such as an ineligible student), the utility standard needs to be entered on the SHEL screen for one of the AU members who has a financial responsibility code of RE - Recipient.
  • Only one utility standard can be entered per Basic Food AU. If more than one is entered, the user receives Edit 1858 - UTILITY STANDARD ENTERED ON MULTIPLE CLIENTS when trying to commit the data.
  • For more information, see Utility Allowance (SUA).
  1. Others Sharing Utilities: Is no longer used for benefits months after November 2000.

How does information on the SHEL screen affect medical AUs?

The income standard for cash AUs as well as some medical programs is based on whether or not a household has a shelter obligation so it is important to enter the shelter amount on the SHEL screen if a client has a shelter obligation. For medical cases that use the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) as the income standard, the shelter obligation is not used to determine eligibility.