TPL1 - Third Party Liability Screen

What is the TPL1 screen?

The TPL1 screen displays information about a client’s third party medical insurance. This screen can only be accessed for updating by pressing <F22> – TPL from the DEM2 screen. For inquiry only, users can access the TPL1 screen from the OMEN.

Data entered on the TPL1 screen is verified and used by other administrations through system interfaces. For more information, see Interface Data.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the TPL1 screen?

Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Del: Enter [Y] – Yes and <F24> to delete the information listed.
    • o If the information has been verified by ProviderOne, users will not be able to make changes or delete the information.
  2. Verf Date: Enter the date that third party liability coverage was verified.
  3. Org: Enter the OrganizationCode - for example: MEDA or MEDB.
  4. Policy Effective Dates: Enter the From (start) and To (end) dates of the policy.
  5. Policy Number: Enter the policy number.
  6. Group Number: Enter the group number.
  7. D: Enter [Y] – Yes and <F24> to delete history change.
  8. Cvg Typ: Enter the code that indicates the specific coverage provided by the third party.
  9. Effective Date: Enter the From (start) and To (end) dates of the coverage.
  10. Organization Name: Enter the name of the third party coverage.
  11. Premium Amt: Enter the premium amount the client pays.
  12. Premium Eff Date: Enter the effective date (mmddyy) of the premium.
  13. Paid by: Enter the code to indicate who pays for the third party coverage premium.
  14. Policyholder: Enter the name of the person who is listed as the policy holder.
  15. Last Date Policy Changed: Enter the date of the last change to the policy if there have been any changes.
  16. Source: This is a system populated field with a code to indicate who updated the TPL1 screen information.
  17. Employer/Union Name: Enter the name of the employer or union that the policy holder is employed by.
  18. More Policies: Enter [Y] – Yes and <TRANSMIT> to enter more policies.

What function keys are available on the TPL1 screen?

TPL1 Function Keys

When the user presses

This happens

<F16> - org

The TPLC screen displays.

<F22> - wtpy

The SVES – WTPY Inquiry displays.