UNER - Unearned Income Screen

What is the UNER screen?

The UNER screen displays information about a client’s unearned income and expenses, potential unearned income sources, SSI medical eligibility, cash and medical eligibility for the SSI ineligible spouse and the SSI essential person. This screen also displays closure information from programs such as SSI and Tribal TANF.

Income information listed on this screen is used in interfaces and in some cases, will automatically be updated. See Interface Data.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the UNER screen?

· Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Srce: Enter the source code of the unearned income.
  2. End date: Enter the date the client will receive the last unearned income payment.
  3. Claim Number: Enter the claim number, if any, under which the client receives the unearned income.
  4. Lump Sm Dt: Enter the date that the client received lump sum income.
  5. Sep: Enter the code to indicate if income is considered separate and not available to the remainder of the AU.
  6. Exp: Enter the amount of monies withheld from an income source that can be used as a deduction prior to the income being used in the eligibility calculation.
  7. Exp Amt V: Enter the code to indicate how the expense amount was verified.
  8. Del: Enter [Y] and press <F24> to delete the information listed.
  9. Calc Inc: This field is populated with the amount that will be used to calculate the client’s benefits.
  10. Inc Mthd: Enter the prospective budgeting method.
  11. Freq: Enter the code to indicate how often the income is received.
  12. Amt 1: Enter the amount of the unearned income.
    • Each UNER screen has space to record four (4) income amounts with corresponding verification plus one (1) extra check.
    • The amounts entered in the four Amt fields are added together and a monthly amount calculated based on the income method and frequency.
  13. V: Enter the code to indicate how the unearned income was verified.
  14. Extra: Enter the amount of an extra check for that month.
    • The amount entered in this field is not changed based on the calculation method used. The entire amount will count for the monthly benefit calculation.
    • The amount entered in this field will be used to determine if a case with income exceeding the standard for that month can be suspended rather than terminated. See EA-Z Manual - Income Budgeting.
    • If the extra income results in suspension, ACES automatically removes the extra income for the following month before monthly issuance runs. If extra income is listed for two months in a row and the income results in the AU being ineligible for the second month, the AU will close.
  15. Ever received SSI?: Use this field to indicate whether the client has ever received Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This includes clients who received SSI outside of the state of Washington.
  16. Application/Benefit section:
    • Type: Enter the type of income/benefit that a client has applied for or previously received from another agency.
    • Stat: Enter the code to indicate the status of the unearned income source or the client’s application for benefits from another agency.
      • For a client whose SSI benefits have been terminated, the code entered in this field will be used in conjunction with the client’s SSA benefit type (if any) and other demographic data to determine if the client is eligible for SSI-related special income disregards:
      • For a client whose Tribal TANF has been terminated, this field is used to indicate whether or not the client is eligible to receive Transitional Food Assistance (TFA).
    • Date: Enter the date that the status in the Stat field became effective.
    • Del: Enter [Y] and press <F24> to delete the information listed.
    • For more information, see Apple Health eligibility manual - WAC 182-510-0010 What happens to my categorically needy (CN) medical coverage when my Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cash payment is terminated?

What function keys are available on the UNER screen?

UNER Function Keys

When the user presses

This happens

<F15> - solq

The SOLQ screen displays.

<F20> - lmen

The LMEN screen displays.

<F24> - del

In combination with a [Y] indicator in the Del or D field, the information listed will delete.