Pregnant Women Assistance

Revised April 29, 2013


WAC 388-400-0055  Who is eligible for the pregnant women assistance (PWA) program?

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-400-0055 

  1. Financial Service Specialists and/or WorkFirst Program Specialists are responsible for verifying pregnancy and authorizing PWA benefits (DSHS 14-118 is not needed).
  2. When authorizing PWA benefits, the GS program type and an appropriate medical program (P02, P04, F04) type must be opened to ensure that eligible PWA recipients receive both cash and medical assistance.
  3. Persons who are currently ineligible for TANF due to the non-compliance sanction in WAC 388-310-1600 aren’t eligible for PWA.
  4. Persons who are currently ineligible for TANF due to the 60-month time limit may be eligible for PWA.
  5. If the person does not provide requested pregnancy verification, deny for failure to provide verification using standard free form text.
  6. After authorizing PWA benefits, send a referral to the case worker if there is an indication of chemical dependency.
  7. PWA eligibility begins the date pregnancy verification is received and continues to the end of pregnancy.
  8. Former TANF recipients who are determined to be disabled may be eligible for a TANF Time Limit Extension (See WorkFirst Handbook).
  9. If a person is eligible for a TANF time limit extension, they are not eligible for PWA.