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Feb 03 2016

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Working Connections Child Care

Seasonal Child Care

DCYF Clarifying Information (published February 1, 2017)

WAC 110-15-0125

Public Preschools

WCCC may not pay for the hours a child attends part-day ECEAP or Head Start.

Full-day, full-year Head Start

If a child attends FULL-DAY, FULL-YEAR Head Start, all hours of approved activities for a consumer are paid by WCCC.

Center Exception

If the center provider cares for a child who is thirteen or older, the provider must have a child-specific and time-limited exception and the child must meet the special needs requirement according to WAC 110-15-0220.

WAC 110-15-0130

Consumer Residence and In-Home or Relative Child Care Providers

The consumer can live with the FFN provider who cares for the consumer’s child as long as the approved activities at application and reapplication are outside the provider’s home.

Additional Information

Who are approved child care providers for the program?

The Department pays for child care at any Department of Early Learning (DEL)-licensed child care providers who accept clients who receive Child Care Subsidy or Seasonal Child Care benefits. There are three types of providers:

  • Child Care Center
  • Licensed Family Home
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors

What is a Child Care Center?

A child care center is a facility that provides regularly schedule care for a group of children one month to twelve years old for less than 24 hours at a time. See WAC 110-300A for more information on licensing requirements.

What is a Licensed Family Home?

A licensed family home is a licensed facility that provides care for 12 or fewer children in the provider’s home. See WAC 110-300B for more information.

Does the Department monitor when a facility’s license expires?

The Department does not monitor a facility’s license expiration. This is the responsibility of the facility’s licensor with the Department of Early Learning.

What is a Family, Friends and Neighbors provider?

A Family, Friends and Neighbors provider is an unlicensed provider who has passed a background check and provides care for six or fewer children, either in the provider’s or the children’s home. See WAC 110-15-0130 through WAC 110-15-0167 and the chapter on Family, Friends and Neighbors Providers for more information.