Add a Program


What is Add a Program?

  • Add a Program is used to add an additional assistance unit (AU) to an existing active AU.
  • Add a Person can be processed at the same time as Add a Program. For more information, see Add a Person.


How do I add a program?

To add a program to an existing active AU, take the following steps:

  1. On the Welcome Back page, enter the following information in the Quick Navigation section:
    • From the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click Assistance Unit.
    • In the Enter an ID box, enter the [AU number you want to add the program to].
    • From the Select a Page drop down box, click Add a Program.
    • Click the Go button.


  1. From the Assistance Unit >> Summary page, select the Case Maintenance link.
  2. Click Add a Program.
    • The Applicant page for the head of household displays in a new window and cannot be updated if the head of household is active on any AUs.
  3. Click the Next button and the Programs page displays.
  4. On the Programs page, select the checkbox next to all the programs that the client is applying for.
    • If Food Assistance is selected, the Expedited Food Assistance Determination Criteria questions display.
    • If the question “Is anyone in household a seasonal or migrant farm worker?” is answered with a Yes, four additional questions will display.
  5. On the Programs page, enter a checkmark in the checkbox next to all applicable Program Determination Criteria.
    • Program Determination Criteria is used by ACES to determine the most logical program(s) for which the household is eligible.
  6. Click the Next button and the Equal Access page displays.
  7. On the Equal Access page:
    • Click the button to indicate if the client needs extra help in obtaining or keeping benefits.
      • If Yes or Declined to answer is selected, the Equal Access plan must be completed. See Equal Access.
      • If No or Client not present is selected, click Next and the Finalize page displays.
    • When the Equal Access plan has been completed.
  8. Click the Next button.
    • The Finalize page displays.
      • If an AREP/Payee was designated on the Applicant page, the Add AREP page displays. For more information on adding an AREP, see Add AREP.
    • From the Finalize page you can add more members or programs by clicking the Add Member or Programs links at the top of the page.
  9. On the Finalize page, click the Program name (for example, TANF or Food Assistance) to view the Program Details page.
    • On the Program Details page, household members can be viewed, added and subtracted from the assistance unit.
      • To remove a member from the assistance unit, remove the checkmark from the checkbox next to that member’s name.
      • When a member is removed from an assistance unit, a line appears through their name.
      • To add a member to the assistance unit, enter a checkmark in the checkbox next to the member’s name.
    • To view the Client >> Summary page for a client, click their Client ID.
    • To view the Member page for a client, click the client’s name.
    • To view the Assistance Unit >> Summary page, click the AUID.
  10. Click the Next button to return to the Finalize page.
    • To add additional programs, click the Specify Program button or the Add Program link at the top of the page.
    • To subtract programs, remove the checkmark from the checkbox next to the program’s name.
  11. On the Finalize page:
    • Select the program(s) the client is applying for by entering a checkmark in the checkbox next to the program(s) name.
    • Enter the Application Date.
      • The Application Date cannot be greater than 36 months in the past.
    • If appropriate, confirm that the Expedited Food Assistance indicator is set correctly.
    • Confirm that the case is assigned to the correct CSO and User (if applicable).
    • Click the Commit button and the Commit Status page displays.
  12. The Commit Status page displays a confirmation that the screening process has been committed to the database. It also displays the assistance units and client ID’s that have been created or updated as a result of the Screening process.
  13. Enter client data following the instructions in the Interview.
  14. After committing the data, follow the instructions in Process Application Month.
  15. After all pending months have been processed, follow the instructions in Finalize Application.