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Oct 17 2016

See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.

 When should I re-open an Assistance Unit (AU)?

  • Re-open can be used on either a closed or denied AU.
  • When a client has a previously closed or denied AU and is applying for the same type of benefits again, re-open the closed or denied AU instead of screening a new AU.
  • Re-open can be used when doing a Reconsidered Application for a previously denied Basic Food (FS) AU.
  • Re-open is generally used for cases that have been ineligible for one or more months, or are not eligible on the first day of the month in which the client reapplies.
  • The application date for an AU being re-opened must be after the AUs previous application date.
  • An AU can only be re-opened in months which had no benefits issued for the AU.

 How do I reopen a previously closed or denied Assistance Unit (AU)?

To re-open an AU that has been previously closed or denied, take these steps:

  1. On the Welcome Back page, use the Quick Navigation section to do the following:
    • From the Select a Type of ID drop down box, click Assistance Unit.
    • Enter the AU number you want to reopen in the Enter an ID box.
    • From the Select a Page drop down box, click Re-open.
    • Click the Go button and the Applicant page for head of household (HOH) displays in a new window.


  • From the Summary - Assistance Unit page of the AU you want to reopen, select the Case Maintenance link and then click Re-open. The Applicant page for the HOH displays in a new window.
  • The Applicant page for the head of household cannot be updated. In this situation, the Applicant page is used to verify the HOH.
  1. Review the Applicant page to ensure the client displayed is the HOH of the AU you are re-opening.
    • If the HOH is active or pending in another AU, data on this page will be protected and cannot be changed.
    • If the HOH is not active or pending on another AU, changes can be made to the client's primary language, residential address and mailing address data if necessary.
  2. Click Next and the Equal Access page displays.
    • Click the button to indicate if the Head of Household (HOH) needs extra help in obtaining or keeping benefits.
    • If [Y] – Yes or [D] – Declined to answer is entered, the Equal Access plan must be completed.
    • If [N] – No or [P] – Client not present is entered, the Equal Access plan does not appear.
    • Click Next and the Finalize page will be displayed.
  3. The Finalize page displays:
    • The AU you selected to re-open displays as well as any related closed/denied AUs with the same HOH.
    • The AUs that are eligible for re-opening are identified with the warning sign icon.
    • The warning sign icon indicates the Program Details must be reviewed before the selected AU can be re-opened.
    • To Add a Person during Re-open, click the Add Member link on the Finalize page. For more information, see Add a Person.
    • To add an Authorized Representative (AREP) to the AU being re-opened, click the Add AREP link on the Finalize page. For more information, see Add/Edit/Delete Authorized Representative (AREP).
  4. On the Finalize page, click the Program name (e.g. TANF, Food Assistance, Medical Assistance) to view the Program Details page.
  5. On the Program Details page, you can view, add or remove members from the assistance unit who had previously been on the AU.
    • To remove a member from the AU, remove the checkmark from the checkbox next to that member’s name. When a member is removed from an assistance unit, a line appears through their name.
    • To add a member back to the AU, enter a checkmark in the checkbox next to the member’s name.
    • To view the Summary - Client page for a client, click their Client ID.
    • To view the Edit Member page for a client, click the client’s name.
    • To view the Summary - Assistance Unit page, click the AU ID.
  6. After you have reviewed the Program Details, click the Next button to go back to the Finalize page.
    • The selection checkbox appears in place of the warning sign icon after the Program Details have been reviewed for each AU.
  7. On the Finalize page, select the program(s) to be re-opened by entering a checkmark in the checkbox next to the program(s) name.
    • Enter the Application Date.
    • The Application Date must not be greater than 36 months in the past.
    • The re-open application date must be after the original application date for the AU. To review the original application date for the AU:
      • On the Finalize page, click the AUID link and the Summary - Assistance Unit page displays.
      • From the Summary - Assistance Unit page, select Details then click Demographics and the Demographics - Assistance Unit page displays.
      • View the original Application Date by scrolling down to the Details section.
      • Return to the Finalize page by clicking the Screening session window in your taskbar.
    • If appropriate, confirm that the Expedited Food Assistance indicator is set correctly.
    • Confirm that the case is assigned to the correct CSO and User.
  8. Complete the screening process. See Screening.
  9. Complete the interview following the instructions in the Interview chapter.
  10. After committing the interview data, follow the instructions in the Process Application Months chapter.
  11. When all pending months have been processed, follow instructions in the Finalize Application chapter to complete the re-open process.

How do I re-open a reconsidered Basic Food (FS) application?

For information on how a Reconsider Basic Food (FS) AU is re-opened, see Screening an Application - How do I screen a Reconsidered Application for Basic Food (FS) Assistance Unit (AU) denied with Reason Code 177?


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.