Screening an Application

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Nov 06 2019

See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.

Online Processing

Online Processing

How do I screen an application for a client?

NOTE:  When a new BF or Cash AU is screened or a closed AU is re-opened, ACES checks if the HOH has an AU that closed within the last 31 days with one of the following reason codes:

  • Mid-certification review not returned (141
  • Incomplete mid-certification review (142)
  • Incomplete mid-certification review (542)

If an AU meets this criteria, edit message: [AU number] recently closed for [Reason 141, 142, or 542]. If processing a late MCR, cancel screening and reinstate the AU. displays on the Finalize page during screening.

Note: For information on initiating the screening process from Online Services Access (OSA), see Online Services Access - How do I process an Online Services Access (OSA) application?

To screen an application, take the following steps:

  1. From the Welcome Back page in, click the Screen New Application link at the top of the page to open the Applicant page in a new window.
  2. On the Applicant page, complete the following fields in the Applicant section:
  • Applicant Name field - Enter the applicant’s [First, Middle Initial (if applicable) and Last name].
  • AREP/Payee field - Click the AREP/Payee checkbox, if the client has an Authorized Representative.
  • Primary Language field - Select the client's primary language from the drop down menu and click the Interpreter Needed checkbox, if an interpreter is needed.
  • Impairments field - Click the Hearing or Visual checkbox if applicable.
  1. On the Applicant page, complete the following fields in the Residential Address section:
  • If Place of Residence is selected, complete the following fields:
    • Line 1: field - Enter the [client’s address including apartment or suite number].
    • Line 2: field - This field should only be used if the entire address will not fit in the Line 1: field.
    • City field - Enter the [city].
    • State field - Select the state from the drop down menu.
    • Zip field - Enter the [zip code].
  • If Homeless is selected, complete the following fields:
    • Line 1: field - This field is prefilled with HOMELESS.
    • City field - Enter the [city].
    • State field - Select the state from the drop down menu.
    • Zip field - Enter the [zip code].
Note: The Mailing Address section must be completed for all homeless clients.
  • If Address Confidentiality Program is selected, complete the following fields:
    • ACP Code: field - Enter the [client’s personal Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) code].
    • Line 1: and the City/State/Zip: fields are auto prefilled with the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) address information. (PO Box 257, Olympia WA 98507-0257).
Note: For more information on the ACP program, see Address Confidentiality Program (ACP).
  1. Click Next and the Address Validation - RESIDENTIAL Address and/or the Address Validation - MAILING Address pages display. For more information on how addresses are validated see Address Validation.
  2. On the Programs page, complete the following fields:
  • In the Programs section, click the checkbox next to the benefits that the client is applying for.
  • In the Program Determination Criteria section, click the checkbox next to any applicable descriptions.
  • In the Expedited Food Assistance Determination Criteria section, answer the questions to determine if the client may be eligible for expedited food benefits.
  1. On the Add Member - Search Criteria page, complete the following fields:
  • Client ID field - Enter the [Client ID (CLID) number],
  • SSN field - Enter the [client's Social Security Number (SSN)] if applicable, or
  • Name field - Enter the [name of the head of household (HOH)].
  • Birthdate field - Enter the [head of household's date of birth].
  • Gender field - Select the gender from the drop down menu.
Note: ACES uses this information to determine if the person already has a CLID number in ACES. For more information, see Inquiry/Search.
  1. On the Add Member - Client Matches page:
  • If an exact match is found, the Exact Match section displays the matched client’s demographic information. If the client is the same as your client, click Next to confirm.
  • A list of possible matches displays if the system finds a client that may be the same as your client. Review the case information by clicking the Client ID to determine if it is the same client. If it is the same person, select that client and click Next.
  • If no match is found, click Assign new Client ID.
NOTE: ACES compares the client data with existing information on the database and displays a list of possible matches. It is important to review all matches carefully.
  1. On the Add Member page:
  • Click the Add More checkbox at the bottom of the page to add additional household members. Follow steps six and seven above to add additional household members.
  • If Assign new Client ID was selected on the Add Member - Client Matches page, select the client's race from the Race Primary/Additional: drop down menu.
  1. On the Equal Access page, click the button to indicate if the HOH needs extra help in obtaining or keeping benefits.
  • If No or Client not present is selected, click Next and the Finalize page displays.
  • If Yes or Declined to answer is selected, the Equal Access plan must be completed. For more information on Equal Access, see Equal Access (EA).
  • When the Equal Access plan has been completed, click Next and the Finalize page displays.
  1. On the Finalize page, in the Program section click the name of each program the client is applying for.
Note: Reviewing the household composition on the Finalize - Program Details page clears the "lock validation error" message.
  1. On the Finalize - Program Details page:
  • Click the checkbox next to a member’s name to add or remove them from the Assistance Unit (AU). A line appears through the name(s) of the member(s) being removed.
  • Click the CLID to view the Summary page for a client.
  • Click the client’s name to view the client’s Edit Member page.
  • After the Finalize - Program Details page has been reviewed, click Next and the Finalize page displays.
  1. On the Finalize page:
  • To add more members or programs, click the Add Member or Programs links at the top of the page.
  • To add Equal Access information, click the Equal Access link.
  • Click the Specify Program button or the Programs link at the top of the page to add additional programs.
  • To add or remove a previously screened program, click the checkbox next to the program(s) name.
  • Expedited Food Assistance? field - Select the Yes radio button if the client is applying for food and eligible for expedited assistance.
  • Does anyone in the household have earned income? field - Select the Yes or No radio button.
  • Application Date field - Enter the [date of application]. The date of application cannot be greater than 36 months in the past.
  1. On the Commit Status page, confirmation that the Screening process has been committed to the database displays as well as the AUs and CLIDs that have been created or updated as a result of the Screening process. On the Commit Status page, the following actions are available:
  • Print RFB - Used to view and print the Request for Benefits (RFB).
  • Print Equal Access Plan - Used to view and print the Equal Access plan.
  • Schedule Appointment - Click this link to go to the Schedule Appointment page. For more information, see How do I schedule an appointment during screening?
  • Update/View Case Narrative - Use this option to update the narrative on the Narrative page.
  • Take me to AU Spider - Click to view the Spider page for the AU.
  • Take me to Letters List - Click to view the Letter Summary page for the HOH.
  • Exit Screening - Click to close the Screening window.
  • Screen New Application - Click to screen a new application. The Applicant page is displayed, allowing you to enter a new application.
NOTE: At completion of screening, the following interface matches are performed using the data collected during the screening process: Employment Services (ES), Unemployment Compensation Benefits (UCB), Disqualified Recipient System (DRS) and State Data Exchange (SDX).

How do I screen a Reconsidered Application for Basic Food (FS) Assistance Unit (AU) denied with Reason Code 177? 

  1. Screen a request for FS, following the instructions in How do I screen an application for a client? The system displays the following message on the Finalize page: 

FS AU <AU number> was recently denied for RC 177 – Missed Food Application Deadline. If reconsidering the application, select this AU to populate the original application date of mm/dd/yyyy.

When the client had a denied FS request with:

  • Reason Code 177 - Missed Food Application and
  • Within 60 days of the request date.
  1. On the Finalize page.
  • Select the recently denied AU, The Application Date field is Auto populated with the original date of request.
  • Click Commit to proceed.


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.