Rights and Responsibilities


The department and the clients have a shared responsibility to determine and maintain eligibility for cash, medical or food assistance programs.

This category provides information about:

  • The client's rights related to public assistance.
  • The client's responsibilities related to receiving public assistance; and
  • The department's responsibility to the client who applies for or receives public assistance

WAC 388-472-0005 What are my rights and responsibilities? 

Clarifying Information

See EQUAL ACCESS for rules and procedures related to assisting persons with special needs.

See LETTERS and LEP for rules and procedures for translated written material.

See INTERVIEW REQUIREMENTS and LEP for rules and procedures to obtain translators.

Worker Responsibilities 

  1. Review form DSHS 14-113(X), Client Rights and Responsibilities with the household at every:
    1. Application; and
    2. Eligibility review or recertification. 
  2. Face to Face Interviews:
    1. When conducting a face-to-face interview, explain the rights and responsibilities to the client and ask them to sign the form to acknowledge that they understand them. Send the document as file only to be scanned into the client’s Electronic Case Record (ECR).  
  3. Phone Interviews:
    1. When conducting phone interviews, explain the rights and responsibilities to the client, send them a copy of form DSHS 14-113, and request them to sign and return the document. 
NOTE: We are required to provide households a copy of the DSHS 14-113, Client Rights and Responsibilities and request that they sign the document.  Signing the form is not a condition of eligibility.  Do not deny an application for benefits or terminate assistance if the household refuses to sign the form.
  1. When a client applies for or has a review for medical assistance and submits an Application for Benefits, mail a DSHS 14-113(X) and document the action in the ACES narrative.