School Verification

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Feb 01 2016

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DCYF Clarifying Information (published February 1, 2017)

WAC 110-15-0014

After being found eligible for WCCC, consumers can verify their activity schedule verbally or in writing at application, re-application, or at change reporting.  3rd party verification should only be requested when there is reasonable cause.

Accept consumers statement of school schedule unless questionable.

WAC 110-15-0040

Approved Activities

WorkFirst consumers found eligible for WCCC may have child care subsidy benefits approved for activities that are specified in the consumer’s current IRP, including intensive services activities (known as x-components) in the IRP.

Training and education activities

TANF/WorkFirst consumers of WCCC are not subject to the limitations described for non-TANF applicants and consumers of WCCC in 110-15-0045.

WAC 110-15-0045

Vocational Education

  • Two-year degrees with a vocational education focus are permitted

  • The accredited college or school defines prerequisites for their enrolled students

  • Consumers must have had child care authorized for school for less than 36 months at the time of application, reapplication or change reporting to be eligible for school.

  • Consumers may exceed more than 24 or 36 months of education or vocational education during the eligibility period as long as at the time of application, reapplication or change reporting the consumer had been approved for less than the lifetime limits.

  • Consumers can combine work study and other employment hours to meet the minimum number of work hours required for education and training activities


An internship related to the consumer’s approved, vocational education activity is considered to be required class time.

Additional Information

What needs to be verified for clients in school?

Enrollment in school can be verified by the school registration printout or a written or verbal statement from a school employee. The Department must verify which school clients are attending and what kind of schooling they are participating in—e.g. Vocational Education, High School Equivalency, etc. Clients may provide a verbal or written statement of their schedule. The Department only requests third party verification when the schedule is questionable.

Is a WorkFirst Individual Responsibility Plan sufficient verification of class schedule?

Yes. If a WorkFirst client is in school, all the needed information should be in the Individual Responsibility Plan (IRP) and documented in eJAS. The Department will need the schedule and study time to authorize care to an eligible provider. Click here for more information about WorkFirst.

How can clients on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training (SNAP E&T) verify their class schedules?

Clients on SNAP E&T may provide a written or verbal statement of their schedules. However, they may also have their SNAP E&T coordinator at their school verify the schedule. The coordinator will provide this information to the Department and can be verified in eJAS.