Self-Employment Verification

Created on: 
Mar 18 2016

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Related WACs

DCYF Clarifying Information (published February 1, 2017)

WAC 110-15-0012

Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) of Self-Employed

Verify a consumer’s business registration and UBI number on-line at:

WAC 110-15-0050

Resources for Self-Employment

Direct applicants or consumers to the following resources for assistance:


Incorporated businesses are not self-employment enterprises.

  • Compensation received by an individual from a corporation is countable income.
  • Any distribution of income, including compensation benefits such as rent, living expenses, or transportation is countable income for consumers reporting employment and income as or under an incorporated business.

Cost of Doing Business

Self-employed consumers are responsible for the costs involved in providing verification of his or her business license, registration, UBI number or other self-employment documents needed to determine eligibility for benefits.

Standard Deduction vs Itemized Deduction

When a consumer cannot or does not submit verification of their self-employment expenses, use a standard $100 per month deduction when calculating that income.

Additional Information

What verification is required for a self-employed client?

The Department requires self-employed clients to provide the following information:

  • Washington Status business license, or a business or occupation license (as needed);
  • Uniform Business Identification number;
  • Completed WCCC Self-Employment Plan (DEL 12-002/September 2011);
  • Profit and loss statement; and
  • Either of the following:
    • Federal self-employment tax reporting forms, or
    • Self-Employment Income Report (DSHS 07-042B (REV. 12/2009))

Additional verification may be required, depending on the client’s business structure. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Only the Department's self-employment team may process documents received on a self-employment child care case.

Two-parent households

If both parents are self-employed, both parents must provide verification of their own earnings and their own Self-Employment Plan, even if they both work in the same business.