Am I required to meet with the child’s caseworker?

Yes. The caseworker must have monthly visits with foster parents and relative caregivers of children placed by CA.

  • Visits with children and caregivers may occur during the same monthly visit although the visits will be separate;

  • Location of the visit may vary.

The caseworker will:

  • Discuss the child's well-being and permanency goals;

  • Discuss upcoming court hearings and provide a court report if the hearing is scheduled to happen within 14 days;

  • Observe the child and caregiver relationship and home environment (when the visit occurs in the caregiver's home);

  • Assess the caregiver's ability to provide adequate care;

  • Identify any support or training needs/requests for the caregiver to address placement stability;

  • Inquire about visitation with parents and/or siblings and how is child responding;

  • Discuss the child’s normal childhood activities the child participates in, or is interested in;

  • Discuss any requests to significantly change the child’s appearance.Prior approval must be obtained from the parent, court, and Tribe, if the child is Native American and legally free. Changes that need prior approval include, but are not limited to, body piercings, haircuts, and changes in hairstyles.

  • Share the parent’s interest in the child’s care and requests for participation in normal childhood activities.