How can DCS help me make collecting child support as safe as possible?

Many domestic violence victims are nervous about collecting child support, but want to go forward with a support case because they need the money. Many feel that the other parent should be responsible for the children.

When it is relatively safe to do so, it makes sense to go forward. However, if it starts to be unsafe to collect child support, you can claim good cause from the CSO at any time while you are receiving TANF or medical assistance.

Remember you can ask DCS to stop collecting if the other parent reacts in a way you did not anticipate. If at any time the consequences of collecting outweigh the benefits, then you may want claim good cause and stop collecting support.

If you are on TANF or medical assistance when you want to stop or start collection, talk with your CSO worker. DCS cannot change how it works the case until you contact the CSO and talk with workers there, and perhaps go through the good cause process.

If you are not receiving any public assistance, contact DCS to discuss your concerns about safety and child support.