How long does good cause last?

As long as you get TANF or medical assistance, DSHS will contact you about every six months to review your good cause claim. It is very important that you stay aware of your good cause status and that you clearly tell DSHS if you are still afraid or if your circumstances have changed.

If you are still afraid, make sure your worker understands you are afraid and verifies that your good cause claim remains approved. If your worker changes or stops your good cause claim, and you disagree, talk with your worker's supervisor. You may also ask for a fair hearing.

If your circumstances change, or if those of your abuser change, you may decide that it is relatively safe now to collect child support. You can withdraw your good cause claim and DCS can begin collecting support. Talk to your DSHS worker if you want to withdraw your good cause claim.

After you no longer get TANF or medical assistance, DCS will keep your case at Good Cause Level A or Good Cause Level B, and DSHS will never contact you directly to review your good cause status again unless you reopen your TANF or medical assistance case.