I cannot schedule an applicant’s fingerprint appointment using the OCA I received from BCCU. What can I do?

There are a few reasons that may result in an applicant not being able to schedule a fingerprint appointment:

  • The applicant received an Additional Information Needed notification. Applicants cannot schedule a fingerprint appointment until they have provided the requested additional information.

  • There is often a three-hour delay in communication from the time the applicant receives their interim result notifications with their OCA to when the fingerprint vendor, IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust), receives the applicant’s OCA and BCCU account number. We suggest waiting a few hours to try scheduling.

  • The background check OCA that is being used may be a Name and Date of Birth (NDOB) based background check, not a fingerprint check.  Review the Processing Code box (upper right corner of form) to confirm Fingerprint Required is written.  If it is blank, resubmit your Background Check Authorization Form with Fingerprint Required written in the Processing Code box.

  • The requesting entity has not chosen to continue with fingerprinting from their Entity Account page in the Background Check System. Requesting entities must choose to continue with fingerprinting once an Interim FP result is issued for the applicant to be fingerprinted.

If you are still unable to schedule an appointment, please contact BCCU.

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