What does domestic violence have to do with child support?

When most people hear the words "domestic violence," they think of physical violence, but many abusers never physically attack their domestic violence victims. Abusers find many ways to control victims - by using words, cheating, lying, or threatening.

Many abusers use money and resources as a means of control. If a victim does not have easy access to money, a car or housing, it makes life hard. Abusers can make it nearly impossible if a victim decides to leave or tries to stay away.

Abusers can use child support as another way to maintain or regain control over victims.

  • If you have an abuser who said you will never see a dime of child support if you leave ...


  • If your abuser said you will lose custody of your children if you ask for child support ...


... then you are among thousands of victims and survivors statewide experiencing these forms of domestic violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, help is available to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of using the child support system and your options within that system.

The remainder of this information answers basic questions about child support and leads you to other resources for more information.

  • If your abuser had no interest in visiting the children until forced to pay child support and now every visit with the children gives your abuser the chance to further harass or assault you