What happens if DSHS denies my good cause claim?

If DSHS denies your good cause claim, you can ask for a fair hearing to challenge that decision. DCS does not work on your case while DSHS is making a decision about your good cause claim.

However, once the decision to deny your good cause claim is final (or if you withdraw your good cause claim), DCSwill work the case and expect you to cooperate. If you still refuse to give information or otherwise help with your child support case, DSHS may reduce or stop your TANF benefits, or you may put your medical assistance at risk.

If DSHS denies your good cause claim, you have the option to not get TANF and medical assistance, or to withdraw your application for assistance.

However, if you got TANF before DSHS denied your good cause claim, even if you withdrew your TANF application because of the denial, DSHS will still try to collect child support owed for the period when you got TANF.

If this contact would cause danger to you, it is very important that you talk with a social worker, or ask for a fair hearing to try to get your good cause claim approved.