2019 DSHS Photo Contest Winners

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Photo Winner: "What Money Can't Buy"

What Money Can't Buy: Selected by DSHS Secretary, Cheryl Strange with the motivation: "Money can’t buy duty, compassion, kindness, protection, and that is DSHS’s calling….."
Photographer: Cynthia Dodd



Photo Winner: Way Over the Palouse

Milky Way Over the Palouse: “Milky Way just as the clouds separated over rolling hills of the Palouse. There is something so elemental and archetypal about standing on a brisk autumn evening and seeing the Milky Way appear through night clouds. It bridges over all the artifices of modern humanity and connects us at a very basic and profound level - we are all here on this planet together and under the stars at night.”
Photographer: Robert E. Salsbury


TECHNICAL: 1st Place - #5 Rural Sunset,

TECHNICAL - 1st Place (tie)
Rural Sunset: "I took this photo while running a 200-ish mile relay race called Ragnar Northwest Passage in July of 2019.  This photo was taken from a 6 mile leg of the race, right outside La Conner, Washington."
Photographer: Kristin Korvell


TECHNICAL: Aphid on A Leaf

TECHNICAL - 1st Place (tie)
Aphid on a Leaf: "Frozen morning, this aphid was actually frozen until the sunlight woke it up."
Photographer: John Reindl


Technical: Spokane Falls in Winter

TECHNICAL - 2nd Place 
Spokane Falls in Winter: "Long exposure of the Spokane Falls produced an awesome silky look to the river."
Photographer: Michael Midkiff


Technical Reflection

TECHNICAL - 3rd Place (tie)
Reflection: "Lake Ohop at sunrise. No winds allowed this leaf reflection.  If you look close you can see a spider."
Photographer: Tami Christensen


Technical: Palouse Strom

TECHNICAL - 3rd Place (tie)
Palouse Storm
Photographer: Kim Karu​


Technical: Rocky Ridge

TECHNICAL - Honorable Mention (tie)
Rocky Ridge: "This outlook is located half way up one of my favorite hikes."
Photographer: Edward Thomas


TECHNICAL: Hon Mention - #158 Cedar Creek Grist Mill

TECHNICAL - Honorable Mention (tie)
Cedar Creek Grist Mill 
Photographer: Kim Karu


Artistic: Tacoma Museum of Glass

ARTISTIC - 1st Place
Tacoma Museum of Glass
Photographer: Raquel Gomez Ramirez​


Artistic: A Beautiful Ending

ARTISTIC - 2nd Place
A Beautiful Ending
Photographer: Yadira Hammond​


Artistic: Mr and Mrs Fungi take the kids to the Forest

ARTISTIC - 3rd Place (tie)
Mr and Mrs Fungi take the kids to the Forest
Photographer: Patric Hayes


Artistic: Steptoe Butte

ARTISTIC - 3rd Place (tie)
Steptoe Butte
Photographer: Kim Karu


Artistic: Capitol Cake

ARTISTIC - Honorable Mention (tie)
Capitol Cake Pop: "While on a lunch break from a training on Project Management, I walked down Capitol Blvd. and grabbed a bite to eat. On my way back my sweet tooth kicked in and I stopped for something tasty at Wagner's European Bakery. This pictures represents a balance of work and play as I headed back to my training, walking by the Capitol building enjoying a great treat."
Photographer: Levon Gibson


Artistic: Palouse Valley

ARTISTIC - Honorable Mention (tie)
Palouse Valley
Photographer: Kim Karu


DSHS IN ACTION: Medical Lake Forest in Fog

DSHS IN ACTION - 1st Place (tie)
Medical Lake Forest in Fog: "I took this photo one morning after getting off of my night shift."
Photographer: Dawn Ray Fifer


DSHS IN ACTION: Firecrest in the Fall

DSHS IN ACTION - 1st Place (tie)
Fircrest in the Fall: "Our campus is beautiful.  The area featured in the photo is especially amazing during the fall season.  This area is between the resident cottages, and gardens near the center of campus."
Photographer: Scott Alexander


DSHS Employees: Lines

DSHS IN ACTION - 2nd Place 
Lines: "Sunlight beams through the fourth floor lobby of Office Building 2."
Photographer: Annie Hesketh



DSHS IN ACTION - 3rd Place (tie)
Snow Puppy: "Looked out the window and saw a puppy made of snow in the pond."
Photographer: Jina Wilson 


DSHS in Action: Not Obi-Wan, but OB-2

DSHS IN ACTION - 3rd Place (tie)
Not Obi-Wan, but OB-2
Photographer: Annie Hesketh


DSHS IN ACTION: Celebration of Pride

DSHS IN ACTION - Honorable Mention (tie)
Celebration of Pride: "I took this picture the day after it was announced the Pride flag had been raised to honor and support the LGBTQ community.  It was a proud moment for me to be a part of a family that supports my community."
Photographer: Darrelyn Nuesca


DSHS IN ACTION: Team Welcome

DSHS IN ACTION - Honorable Mention (tie)
Team Welcome: "New team member joining the Resource Team. We tried to give her a warm welcome."
Photographer: Alli Smith


DSHS IN ACTION: Office Decorating

DSHS IN ACTION - Honorable Mention (tie)
Office Decorating: "The Mt Vernon Outstation team from DCS decorates our section of the CSO for the seasons. This was our Halloween decorations."
Photographer: Dee Campbell


DSHS EMPLOYEES: A Tyrannosaurus Kind of Day

A Tyrannosaurus Kind of Day: "I was conducting training on Oct 31 and this tyrannosaurus showed up in my class.  I loved it!  We had so much fun with it!"
Photographer: Ravenna Dexter


DSHS EMPLOYEES - 2nd Place (tie)
On Black Peak (North Cascades): "I took this photo while my climbing partner (pictured here) was contemplating the view from the summit of Black Peak in the North Cascades. The photo isn't explicitly DSHS-themed, but it does capture a piece of the natural beauty and ruggedness of Washington State."
Photographer: Chad Marsh


DSHS EMPLOYEES: Christine Falls

DSHS EMPLOYEES - 2nd Place (tie)
Christine Falls
Photographer: Mark O'Donnell



Vesper Peak
Photographer: Mark O'Donnell


DSHS Employees: Telework Heaven

DSHS EMPLOYEES - Honorable Mention (tie)
Telework Heaven: "The view from my desk at home, taken the first week I was teleworking."
Photographer: Alli Smith


DSHS EMPLOYEES: Anticipation

DSHS EMPLOYEES - Honorable Mention (tie)
Anticipation: "Pensive maternity moment for my co-worker's wife as she anticipates and awaits the birth of their first child...another addition to the DSHS family."
Photographer: Alan Sapalaran


DSHS Family: Picking Blueberries

DSHS FAMILY - 1st Place (tie)
Picking Blueberries: "This is my daughter, who was the first baby born in the new year in Kittitas County! She loves picking (and eating) blueberries."
Photographer: Morgan Stroh


DSHS Family: Hmong Girl

DSHS FAMILY - 1st Place (tie)
Hmong Girl: "I'm proud to be Hmong and try to instill in my kids the importance of keeping our culture alive.  DSHS serves people of all backgrounds and each has a unique story.  DSHS values diversity."
Photographer: Mai Yang


DSHS FAMILY: So they can play.​

DSHS FAMILY - 2nd Place 
So they CAN Play
Photographer: Jeffrey Petruso


DSHS Family: Lunchtime

DSHS FAMILY - 3rd Place 
Lunchtime: "Mother and daughter enjoy lunch after a walk on the beach."
Photographer: Linda Marvel


DSHS FAMILY - Honorable Mention (tie)
Barefoot Rock Climbing: "I feel as though this picture fits the DSHS family category because it showcases DSHS employees family life outside of work as well as reminding us that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is so important."
Photographer: Ashley Joyce


DSHS Family: Looking for the Future

DSHS FAMILY - Honorable Mention (tie)
Looking to the Future: "My Granddaughter on a stormy day at a West Seattle beach."
Photographer: Judi Stewart


DSHS Clients: Centenarian

DSHS CLIENTS - 1st Place
Centenarian: "This picture is of my grandmother at age 100, proudly dressed in her traditional Hmong clothes.  The picture was later printed on canvas and given to her at her 100th birthday banquet that was attended by over 200 people.  She was also a DSHS client in the last years of her life and was moved into an adult family home in Snohomish County just a couple months before her death from cancer in 2015.  She was almost 102 years old then. I wanted to share that DSHS was good to her during her life."
Photographer: Mai Yang


DSHS Clients: Fritz and Friend

DSHS CLIENTS - 2nd Place
Fritz and Friend: "Adult Family Homes provide invaluable service to their residents.  Fritz has been in hospice care for 10 months. His quality of life is greatly enhanced by the wonderful care providers who accept him and "Tipton"."
Photographer: Linda Marvel


DSHS CLIENTS: Wisdom with age

DSHS CLIENTS - 3rd Place
Wisdom with Age: "This is my 86 year old grandmother.  She is also a Medicaid client and receives long term care services at home.  She came to America as a refugee due to the Vietnam War.  She is wearing a Hmong traditional outfit and she has taught me to be proud of my heritage and to appreciate all that I have."
Photographer: Tia Moua


DSHS CLIENTS: Quiet Contemplation

DSHS CLIENTS - Honorable Mention
Quiet Contemplation: "This picture represents many things.  This is from a hike we took my sons on, both have different disabilities.  My youngest struggles with high functioning autism, ADHD, and anxiety.   He loves to hike but can become overwhelmed quickly with all of the input around him.   We had hiked to the falls which were misty and extremely cold.  He become very overwhelmed once he was wet from the mist blowing off the falls and raced down the trail ahead of us because we are not able to move as fast with his brother,  As we come down the hill, we saw him sitting like this above the river below.  A moment of quiet contemplation and re-centering."
Photographer: Amie Starr


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