Maternal and Child Health

About us: 

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) unit, formerly the First Steps Database (FSDB) team, produces statistical reports describing the use of prenatal services, maternal risk factors, and birth outcomes for Washington State residents. The FSDB is a complex, longitudinal data repository that links multi-agency data and is the information source for publically-funded pregnant women and infant medical care in Washington State since 1989. The FSDB is the foundation for reporting birth outcomes for all births to Washington residents, and services usage by Medicaid residents.

The MCH unit provides data and analytic support for program policy and development. We produce annual and standard reports for the Health Care Authority (HCA), local health jurisdictions, maternity care providers, policy-makers, and Ad hoc requests from the legislature and Governor’s office.



The FSDB team develops information about health outcomes, service use, and needs of pregnant women, infants, and children for performance measurement, program evaluation, and program development by linking vital records and Medicaid claims and eligibility data.


Major projects:


The MCH unit creates, manages, and maintains the FSDB that matches vital records from the Center for Health and Statistics of Washington State Department of Health to Medicaid medical experience data from the HCA.

Reproductive Health and Family Planning

The MCH unit generates annual reports on Family Planning, outcomes and service use of Pregnancy and Births, and Maternity Support Services and Infant Case Management.

Delivery Statistics and Cesarean Section Reduction

The MCH unit reports hospital-level delivery and cesarean section statistics semi-annually. Historical trends have been helpful in setting the target for the results Washington measures, and the rates are followed closed by obstetric stakeholders.

Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act Measures

The MCH reports a number of measures for child health care quality, as defined in the core set established by Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). We generate annual reports and biennial legislative reports (on the even number years) for HCA.

TAKE CHARGE Family Planning Evaluation

The MCH unit evaluates the TAKE CHARGE family planning waiver that was established in 2001. This includes quarterly and annual reporting to the CMS, period client and provider surveys. The unit has developed Return on Investment models for expansion of family-planning coverage to non-Medicaid groups.


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