Current Procurements

Title Issue Date(asc) Number Solicitation Type Current or Ongoing Procurements?
BHA Hub and Spoke Network on or about Jun 04 2018

RFQ 1813-692

RFQ Current
Eligibility Service and ACES Remediation (ESAR) Mainframe Re-hosting Project on or about May 14 2018

RFP 1723-669

RFP Current
Video Remote Interpreting on or about Apr 25 2018

RFQQ 1823-679

RFQQ Current
DCS Customer Services Training - 2nd Tier 05914 on or about Apr 18 2018

2nd Tier 1838-689

2nd Tier Current
Clubhouse Services Expansion on or about Apr 18 2018

RFP 1835-687

RFP Current
Registry of Foster Children for Adoption Placements on or about Apr 12 2018

RFP 1834-686

RFP Current
Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention on or about Apr 10 2018

RFP 1735-658

RFP Current
Staffing Analysis for DSHS Juvenile Rehabilitation and Special Commitment Center on or about Mar 19 2018

RFP 1834-681

RFP Current
Employee Verbal De-Escalation Training on or about Mar 14 2018

RFP 1734-671

RFP Current
Forensic Evaluation Services on or about Feb 27 2018

RFI 1830-683

RFI Current