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BCS goes live at the end of June 2018 

BCS readiness activities continued in full force throughout March and we are within the 90-day countdown for system go-live!  

Stakeholder and customer outreach continues as each program area prepares for system go-live.  Program Stakeholders are evaluating internal processes and policies to ensure readiness to support the new system. They also are identifying individuals who will fill specific system roles, including customer support during BCS implementation. The BCS team has been sharing information with associations and program management groups and feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the simplicity of the system and the level of information BCS will provide. 

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) preparation is under way, including scheduling time for customers to participate in May. Some testing will take place in Olympia in the OB-2 training room and some will take place in Lacey in the ALTSA training room in Blake East. Details will be communicated during stakeholder meetings in April.

If you are interested in participating as a system “Super User” in final UAT, please contact the project team at

Training materials will be available in early May in preparation for the June go-live. You will be able to access these user guides and manuals from the BCS website before, during and after BCS goes live.

Friendly Reminders:

  • All BCCU account numbers are required to have one Primary Account Administrator (PAA) identified and pre-registered as a user in BCS. Click here to pre-register your account(s) and PAA before the end of April. As we start looking at the pre-registration information, we will work with program stakeholders to ensure the right people are registered as PAAs.  If there is more than one person registered, you will be notified.  If you have questions about who your PAA should be, please reach out to your program contact. 

    • After go-live, pre-registered PAA’s will be able to assign other system users to the account or accounts that they have access to.

  • If you need to change the contact information for your pre-registered PAA, please visit the above link and re-register the updated contact information. The information will be cleaned up before we go-live in June 2018.

As we near the go-live date for BCS, please visit this webpage frequently to look for updated and important information. Please direct any questions, comments or concerns about this information or BCS, to the project email at:

About the Project

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services - DSHS, Background Check Central Unit - BCCU, processes over 330,000 background checks annually for DSHS programs, social service providers, licensees, the Department of Early Learning, the Department of Health, and the Health Care Authority’s Medicaid Purchasing Administration.  On average, BCCU Staff conduct each check in 2 days or less (more if fingerprints are involved or research and analysis is required) using a system that requires data entry, manual input of analysis, and the printing and mailing or faxing of results back to the requesting entity.  So, we’re getting a new system!  One that will automate much of the process and streamline all background check procedures!

For more information please visit our BCS Project History page.

Communication Information

For all questions, comments, concerns, and any other general project related inquiries, please email:

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