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The new Background Check System (BCS) is coming March 2018! 

Have you pre-registered a Primary Account Administrator (PAA) for your account?  All BCCU accounts must have a PAA registered as a system user before that account can submit background check requests to BCCU.  There is still time to identify your PAA and get them registered to use BCS before the system goes live in March 2018.  Click here to pre-register the PAA for your account or accounts. 

If you already registered the PAA for your account, please sit tight.  We will be using the PAA contact information to communicate BCS information in January.  We will provide information about transitioning your processes from current procedures, to new procedures with BCS; We’ll communicate information about training documentation; and we will provide information about getting your business ready for BCS to go-live.  For additional information about the PAA role and responsibilities, please check out our FAQ.

In October the BCS development team completed sprint 21, and started sprint 22 out of 23 sprints.  The development cycle is approaching the end!  As system development starts to wind down, implementation planning is ramping up.  The project team is planning for the final end to end system testing;  We are defining data migration procedures; and Customers are receiving more and more communications about getting ready for BCS go-live. 

Throughout November, the project team is providing system demonstrations.  These demonstrations focus on the process of submitting a background check request and receiving a result.  We will walk through the system screens that users will interact with and point out key features of the system.  If you would like to attend one of these demos please email the project team at

As we near the end of the project and the go-live date for BCS, please visit this page frequently as the information will continue to be updated with new and important information.  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns about this information or the project, to the project email at:

About the Project

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services - DSHS, Background Check Central Unit - BCCU, processes over 330,000 background checks annually for DSHS programs, social service providers, licensees, the Department of Early Learning, the Department of Health, and the Health Care Authority’s Medicaid Purchasing Administration.  On average, BCCU Staff conduct each check in 2 days or less (more if fingerprints are involved or research and analysis is required) using a system that requires data entry, manual input of analysis, and the printing and mailing or faxing of results back to the requesting entity.  So, we’re getting a new system!  One that will automate much of the process and streamline all background check procedures!

For more information please visit our BCS Project History page.

Communication Information

For all questions, comments, concerns, and any other general project related inquiries, please email:

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