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Welcome to DSHS Financial Services Administration's Frequently Asked Questions! Below you may search by topics such as information for bidders and question about our Language Testing and Certification Program, and Background Checks.

The Interim Fingerprint Check Notification is a preliminary notification in the Fingerprint-based background check process.  The Interim Fingerprint Check Notification is provided once a Washington State Name and Date of Birth Check is completed prior to the applicant being fingerprinted.  Based on the Interim Fingerprint Check Notification results, take the appropriate action.  If the Applicant/Employee is NOT disqualified and you wish to complete the fingerprint-based check, the applicant MUST schedule the fingerprinting appointment as soon as possible after receiving the Interim Fingerprint Check Notification.  The Interim is NOT the final Fingerprint Result Notification. 


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For DSHS bilingual staff, please call 360-664-6038 to schedule your test. You should learn more about what kind of tests are available, what kind of questions are in the test, and other test-related information before you register for a test. Detailed test-related information and registration policies are included in the Examination Manual. Once you know what tests you need to register for, please follow the steps in the how to schedule a test online. For step-by-step guides, please refer to the following : Written Test Scheduling GuideOral Test Scheduling Guide / Translator Test Scheduling Guide.

All policies applying to testing and certification are included in the Examination Manual. The same policies can also be found in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 388-03). You can find the answer to your specific question in either document.

Upon release of any solicitation document, all communications concerning the procurement must be directed only to the coordinator identified in the solicitation document. Any communication directed to DSHS staff other than the coordinator may result in disqualification.

Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding to DSHS. Bidders should rely only on written statements issued by the coordinator.

All questions should be in writing to the coordinator and may be sent through fax, U.S. mail or email. Questions will be accepted until the date set forth in the solicitation document schedule.

Questions and Answers will be in the form of an amendment to the solicitation document.

No. Same day appointments are not available. Your personal information must be sent to IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust) for validation before you can schedule an appointment. This information is sent nightly.

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Yes. To register for a test, please follow the steps in the how to schedule a test online. For step-by-step guides, use the following: Written Test Guide/ Translator Test Guide/ Oral Test Guide.

Once you are assigned a certificate number or authorization number in your score report letter, you are considered a certified or authorized interpreter or translator. DSHS does not employ interpreters and translators directly. Instead, we contract with external agencies to provide language services to our clients. If you are looking for work as an interpreter or translator, you need to contact the DSHS contracted agencies to start the process. Find a spoken language service provider.

For general instructions on proposal delivery please see Proposal Delivery Methods. The proposal is to be sent to the coordinator in accordance with the delivery instructions specified in the solicitation document.

You should allow sufficient delivery time to ensure timely receipt by the coordinator. You assume the risk for the method of delivery and for any delay in the mailing or delivery of your proposal.

Proposals must be prepared and submitted no later than the proposal submission date and time specified in the particular solicitation document. DSHS reserves the right to disqualify any proposal and withdraw it from consideration if it is received after the proposal submission deadline. All proposals and any accompanying documentation become the property of DSHS and will not be returned.

Check the particular solicitation document for instructions on submitting your proposal.

Appointments take about 15 minutes and must be scheduled in advance. Online appointment scheduling is available at You must be on time for your appointment. If you walk in without an appointment or show up late to your appointment, you will not be printed. Some of the fingerprinting sites do not allow children to be in the printing facility. Please call IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust) for more information: 1.888.771.5097.

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No. Scheduling a test over the telephone is only for DSHS bilingual employees and licensed agency personnel.

DSHS will not be liable for any costs incurred by the Bidder in preparation of a proposal or in presenting a proposal for any procurement.

There is a special process in place for “printing” applicants who are missing any fingers, hands, or arms. Contact the office that requested your fingerprints for more information.

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Pretest study materials, also known as study guides, are available on our website under the 'Study Materials' tab. You can access the pretest booklets and oral practice recordings by clicking on the appropriate links. Pretest study materials for DSHS employees and licensed agency personnel are available at the DSHS Intranet or SharePoint (internal) website.

If you plan to set up your own language agency or company, please contact Business Licensing at the Department of Licensing . Contact information for Business License Information can also be found in the Government Pages in the phone book.

An entity is a licensed, contracted, or internal provider authorized by the Department to provide services to vulnerable adults, juveniles, and children.  At this time, BCCU does not conduct background checks for entities not licensed or contracted through DSHS.

A LiveScan Machine is a small photocopy machine. It scans your fingerprints and creates electronic copies without the mess of ink and paper cards.

LiveScan fingerprinting helps to reduce the number of fingerprint rejections and speeds up the process by allowing fingerprints to be sent electronically rather than through the mail.

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The pretest materials, both written and oral, are intended to familiarize you with the formats of the test and how test items are constructed. The study guides will help you know what to expect on the test, but will not be enough to help you improve your language ability, your interpreting skills, or your knowledge base in any particular field.

We only test people who are available to serve DSHS clients in Washington State.