Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to DSHS Financial Services Administration's Frequently Asked Questions! Below you may search by topics such as information for bidders and question about our Language Testing and Certification Program, and Background Checks.

Having a computer and internet connection on-site is recommended to meet your on-going background check responsibilities. However, for infrequent background check needs, computers with Internet access are available to use for free at public libraries. Paid access to computers and printers is available at Internet cafés and business centers such as parcel shipping and copy centers.

The old background check system is outdated and built on technology that is not current.  DSHS is also looking to streamline the background check process and create more efficiency for applicants and entities.

A web-based system provides access to a software system using a computer and internet connection.

No. Only DSHS authorized entities, such as Department programs and authorized service providers, may request a background check using the Background Check System. 

Only DSHS authorized entities can submit background checks to BCCU.  The DSHS oversight program that licenses, contracts, or requires external entities to submit background checks through the Background Check Central Unit may authorize you to use the Background Check System.

Yes. An applicant will be able to complete an online form.  If the applicant has a valid email address, they will be able to sign the form electronically and receive an emailed copy of their form.  The applicant can then provide the unique identification number to multiple authorized entities.  Entities then can retrieve the applicant’s information and submit a background check in BCS. Applicants will still have the option of filling out a paper form, requiring a physical signature, that they can copy and provide to multiple authorized entities as well.  If an entity receives a paper form, they will be required to enter the applicant’s information into BCS from the form prior to submitting the check to BCCU through BCS.

No. Once the applicant closes their internet browser, the form with the information they typed in cannot be retrieved.  The applicant’s information is only available for them to edit while they have the online tool open and are actively working on typing in their information.

No.  As a User of the background check system you will only be able to see the results for those account numbers that you have been granted access to.  Entities will be limited to seeing only the checks that they submitted and not those requests submitted by other entities. 

If you have the ability to see FBI results today, you will continue to see these results in the new system. The BCS programming will continue to enforce existing policy defining those entities who can or cannot see the FBI results. 

No.  Background check requests previously submitted to BCCU by mail, fax, or program sponsored web application will not appear in BCS.  If you need a copy of a previously submitted background check, please contact BCCU.  BCCU staff will continue to use information from prior results when processing new checks in BCS.

An entity is a licensed, contracted, or internal provider authorized by the Department to provide services to vulnerable adults, juveniles, and children.  At this time, BCCU does not conduct background checks for entities not licensed or contracted through DSHS.

As the PAA for your account you will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide access for other users (Account Administrator (AA) level or lower)

  • Assign user roles

  • Remove access for other users (AA level or lower)

  • Monitor users

  • Pull Entity/Account level reports

  • Submit checks to BCCU

  • Receive results from BCCU

  • View submitted inquiries

  • View received results

No. Only authorized entities may submit background check requests to BCCU.  However, the applicant will be able to enter their information online in addition to using a paper copy of the form. If the Applicant has a valid email address, they will have the option to complete an online form and sign it using an electronic signature process.  The applicant will then notify the authorized entity who requested the background check that their form is complete and provide them with their unique identification number tied to their background check information online. The entity will retrieve the applicant’s information using that unique identifying number and submit the complete background check request using the Background Check System (BCS).

When the Background Check System (BCS) goes live Spring of 2018 and your accounts are activated in BCS you will be able to add additional system users to submit and receive background checks. 

Yes. DSHS will continue to use a version of the DSHS Background Authorization Form. A complete and signed form will be retained by the entity who submits the background check using the Background Check System. The form will be available for the applicant to complete online or as a paper form to be filled in by hand.

Yes. Training will be provided for the Background Check System. Training will be coordinated through the DSHS oversight programs.

All entities who currently submit DSHS Background Authorization Forms to the Background Check Central Unit using mail or fax will be required to use the new Background Check System. Additionally, several DSHS program-sponsored web applications will be retired and those programs will submit background checks using the Background Check System.

No. The BCCU fax line will be disabled when the new system goes live. Any forms received in the mail after the new system goes live will be returned to the sender with instructions on how to process the form using the new Background Check System. More information will be provided before the new Background Check System goes live.