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Welcome to DSHS Financial Services Administration's Frequently Asked Questions! Below you may search by topics such as information for bidders and question about our Language Testing and Certification Program, and Background Checks.

No.  If you have received a Review Required Notification instructing you to complete a Character, Competency and Suitability (CC&S) review, please follow your oversight program’s policy on conducting and retaining your completed CC&S review. BCCU does not accept or retain any CC&S review documentation.

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The turnaround time of a background check depends on the volume of checks received, the type of background check submitted (fingerprint, new hire, recheck), and the number of staff available to process. Please refer to our Turnaround Times  page to get an estimate of when you will receive your background check.

If the applicant has an out of state crime, BCCU requests a review to determine if the out of state crime is equivalent to a Washington State crime and verifies if that crime is on the Disqualifying List of Crimes and Negative Actions. The amount of research involved, number of equivalencies, and staff available will determine how quickly an equivalency can be completed.

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BCCU processes general forms on a first come, first serve basis. The turnaround time for renewal checks can take five or more days depending on the current volume. Our goal is to complete new hire checks within one business day. Please refer to our Turnaround Times  to view our current processing times.

If the entity requesting the background check sent BCCU the authorization form and believes that it should have been processed according to the turnaround times currently posted, please email with the applicant's name and account number. Do not resubmit the authorization form again without first checking on the status of your submission. Multiple submissions of the same authorization form cause delays in processing.

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BCCU cannot update the fax number/mailing address; the information needs to be updated through your program contact.  If you do not know who your program contact is, please contact BCCU at

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 If you have the two page copy of your letter, reference the Source of Crimes and/or Negative Actions located on the second page. This will tell you the source of the finding and the contact information for those sources.

If your copy is incomplete, you can contact BCCU and request to have it resent. It will be faxed or mailed to the number or address listed in our system.

Per FBI regulations, BCCU cannot distribute the FBI rap sheet to all facilities; for some facilities, it is up to the applicant to share the results with the facility. The applicant will need to request a copy of their background check by submitting the Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information Form and share the rap sheet with the facility. If the applicant refuses to share the results with the facility, the facility should speak to their program contact.

You can view the FBI's Privacy Act Statement at the link  here -

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