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Welcome to DSHS Financial Services Administration's Frequently Asked Questions! Below you may search by topics such as information for bidders and question about our Language Testing and Certification Program, and Background Checks.

BCCU does not schedule fingerprint appointments, you will need to contact the state's fingerprint vendor, IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust).

To schedule an appointment through IDEMIA, please call 1-888-771-5097 or visit their website at You will need the following to schedule an appointment:

  1. Fingerprint Appointment Form
  2. BCCU account number
  3. Applicant Inquiry ID/OCA number found on the Interim Fingerprint Check Notification

If you are rescheduling your appointment due to the WSP or FBI rejecting your fingerprints, you can reschedule online or by phone. You must call IDEMIA at 1-888-771-5097 with the three items listed above. IDEMIA has locations throughout Washington State. Please refer to their website at, for the location nearest you.

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Unfortunately, some applicants have fingerprints that are difficult to capture, this could be due to working with chemicals or wear. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) must determine that the fingerprints are the best quality. If WSP determines the fingerprints are not the best quality, the applicant will need to be printed again.

Once the WSP accepts the fingerprints, they will send them to the FBI for processing. The FBI will then determine whether the fingerprints are the best quality. If the FBI rejects the prints, the applicant will need to be printed one more time. If the FBI rejects them a second time, BCCU will request a National Name Date of Birth check from the FBI and the fingerprint process will be completed.

To view WSP and FBI fingerprint process, please refer to our flowchart.

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There are a few reasons that may result in an applicant not being able to schedule a fingerprint appointment:

  • The applicant received an Additional Information Needed notification. Applicants cannot schedule a fingerprint appointment until they have provided the requested additional information.

  • There is often a three-hour delay in communication from the time the applicant receives their interim result notifications with their OCA to when the fingerprint vendor, IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust), receives the applicant’s OCA and BCCU account number. We suggest waiting a few hours to try scheduling.

  • The background check OCA that is being used may be a Name and Date of Birth (NDOB) based background check, not a fingerprint check.  Review the Processing Code box (upper right corner of form) to confirm Fingerprint Required is written.  If it is blank, resubmit your Background Check Authorization Form with Fingerprint Required written in the Processing Code box.

  • The account number and OCA number you are providing may not match the information on the appointment form. If your account number begins with an "A", "B", "N", or "I", you will need to provide this to the vendor when providing the facility account number.

If you are still unable to schedule an appointment, please contact BCCU.

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BCCU conducts Name & Date of Birth (NDOB) and Fingerprint based background checks for DSHS programs and authorized service providers who serve vulnerable adults, juveniles, and children. The type of background check conducted is determined by state and federal guidelines.

A NDOB background check includes a search of the Administrative Office of Courts, Washington State Patrol, Department of Health, Department of Corrections, and the Department's founded findings of abuse/neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, and the applicant's self-disclosure.

Fingerprint based background checks search the same databases as NDOB checks, as well as the FBI, the national sex offender registry, and state police records in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Entities will need to retain a copy of the signed Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice for audit purposes. Do not mail or fax the notice to BCCU. The notice must be provided to the applicant prior to being fingerprinted. Follow the instructions provided by your DSHS program that is requiring the fingerprint check.

Federal law (Title 28, C.F.R., § 50.12 (b)) requires the Department to notify individuals subject to a fingerprint-based background check of the purpose of the fingerprint check and the method to correct errors on the FBI identification record. DSHS also created the Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice (DSHS Form 27-089) to meet the Federal Requirement. The Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice form is available in PDF or Word format.

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BCCU runs background checks for DSHS programs and authorized service providers who serve vulnerable adults, juveniles, and children.  At this time, BCCU does not conduct background checks for entities that are not licensed or contracted through DSHS.

If your entity does not currently use BCCU to run you background checks, but believe they should, please contact BCCU at so that we can direct you to the appropriate program contact.

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Background checks are paid for by the DSHS administrations; they are not paid for by the entities or applicants.

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BCCU cannot update the fax number/mailing address; the information needs to be updated through your program contact.  If you do not know who your program contact is, please contact BCCU at

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The call volume and staff availability affects our ability to respond to all phone and email inquiries. BCCU may be able to respond to your questions sooner than two working days.

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The WSP and FBI do not provide BCCU with exact turnaround times. Their turnaround times vary due to the volume of fingerprints being processed.

The turnaround time on prints also depends on whether the fingerprint cards are the first set of prints submitted for the associated inquiry ID/OCA number or if they are resubmitted prints. The first set of prints is submitted electronically, allowing for a faster turnaround time. However, the resubmitted prints require a hard card to be printed and mailed, causing slower turnaround times.

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Background check results are sent to either the Department program or directly to the requestor, depending on the specific program requirements.  BCCU can only fax or mail the results to the fax number or mailing address that is entered in the system.

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Background check results will include the following information:

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BCCU is only a provider of information. We do not decide whether an applicant can be hired or contracted. Please contact the DSHS program that is requiring you to conduct a background check for more information about how to use the information received in the background check result letter.

If you are required to complete Character, Competency and Suitability (CC&S) review, BCCU does not not accept or retain any CC&S review documentation. Please follow your oversight program’s policy on retaining your completed CC&S review.

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BCCU can resend the results to the address or fax number that is listed in our system for your facility. Please contact BCCU to request another copy of the results.

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Contact BCCU and have your Inquiry ID/OCA number ready. Provide BCCU staff with the information that you feel is incorrect about the result, i.e. spelling, date of birth, record information etc. If there was a data entry error input by BCCU, we will correct the information and send out an updated result notification.

If the facility, applicant, court, etc. made the error it must be fixed by the facility, applicant, court, etc. and resubmitted to BCCU for processing.

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 If you have the two page copy of your letter, reference the Source of Crimes and/or Negative Actions located on the second page. This will tell you the source of the finding and the contact information for those sources.

If your copy is incomplete, you can contact BCCU and request to have it resent. It will be faxed or mailed to the number or address listed in our system.

Per FBI regulations, BCCU cannot distribute the FBI rap sheet to all facilities; for some facilities, it is up to the applicant to share the results with the facility. The applicant will need to request a copy of their background check by submitting the Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information Form and share the rap sheet with the facility. If the applicant refuses to share the results with the facility, the facility should speak to their program contact.

You can view the FBI's Privacy Act Statement at the link  here -

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