Language Testing and Certification Program

Latest News

  • NEW - Signed Code of Conduct
  • Law passed, SB6245, 2018 Legislative Session, limits LTC testing in languages for which interpreter request fill rates in the prior year are 90% or higher. Fill rate data from 2017 shows no languages reaching the 90% threshold so LTC WILL NOT be limiting testing by language through the end of 2018. In early 2019, we will re-examine 2018 fill rate data and post updated information.  
  • 8/1/18: September test dates for Olympia, Seattle, Spokane and Yakima have been released. Please refer to our Examination Manual for test and program details, and then schedule your test appointment
  • Cambodian and Laotian test candidates: Starting 7/1/2017, the medical and social service certified interpreter tests and the certified translator test will be closed for Cambodian and Laotian test candidates. Instead, candidates in these two languages may take the screening medical and social service tests. The certified translator test will no longer be available in Cambodian and Laotian. (6/20/2017)

What We Do

The Language Testing and Certification Program (LTC) provides bilingual certification and testing services to ensure quality services to the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations.

LTC provides the following services:

  • Develops systems, methods, procedures and policies to certify DSHS bilingual employees, applicants for DSHS bilingual positions, contracted interpreters and translators, and licensed agency personnel.
  • Sets and maintains qualification standards for DSHS bilingual positions, interpreters, and translators across languages.
  • Administers language proficiency testing to certify/authorize DSHS bilingual employees, applicants for bilingual positions, contracted interpreters, contracted translators, and licensed agency personnel.
  • Provides consultation to the department in establishing DSHS policies regarding the quality of language services to LEP clients.
  • Manages the roster of certified interpreters and translators; manage the roster of authorized interpreters.

State laws (RCW 41.56.030, 41.56.113, 41.04.810, 43.01.047, and 74.04.025) requiring the department to provide language services to its LEP clients and to certify and authorize its language access providers were each amended and enacted during the 2010 legislative session.

03/25/2015: ***Please take a look at the overview of program changes that will affect current and potential interpreters and translators***

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