Advisory Committee

The volunteer Advisory Committee provides input to DSHS LTC on its duties per Chapter 388-03 WAC, Rules and Regulations for the Certification of DSHS Spoken Language Interpreters and Translators.

Advisory Committee Members:

  1. Cynthia E. Roat, MPH, National Consultant on Language Access in Health Care, representing the general public.

  2. Katherine Templet, Interpreter Services Program Manager, representing the Health Care Authority.

  3. Connie Stacy, Contract Specialist, representing the Department of Enterprise Services.

  4. Karen Jost, Health Services Analysis Program Manager, representing the Department of Labor and Industries.

  5. Huan Nguyen, Economic Services Administration, LEP Program Manager, representing the Department of Social and Health Services.

  6. Samuel A. Potts, Freelance Interpreter, representing interpreters.

  7. Larysa House, Freelance Interpreter, representing interpreters.

  8. Yvonne Simpson, Medical Interpreter Supervisor, Harborview Medical Center - Interpreter Services.

  9. Megan Parke, Director of Field Services, representing WFSE/AFSCME.

  10. Ubah Warsame, Somali Health Board, representing refugee advocacy organizations.

  11. Susan Hales, Community Outreach Coordinator with Refugee Connections Spokane, representing refugee advocacy organizations.

    • "I recently retired from Refugee Connections Spokane, a non-profit bringing together providers and refugees to address the system barriers we all have faced. Our 3-year initiative for DSHS testing in Spokane has significantly improved availability and access to qualified language interpreters in our part of the state. I am so delighted to serve our refugee communities and providers by serving on this committee!"

  12. Dr. Nancy Foote, physician, representing physicians.

    • Nancy Foote, MD is a family physician and a certified Spanish medical interpreter. She has working experience in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East and with immigrant populations in the US.

  13. Dr. Hungling Fu, Manager of the Language Testing and Certification Program, representing the Language Testing and Certification program.


  • Decertification Request Review Committee (DRRC)

  • Professional Development Committee (PDC)

  • Languages of Lesser Diffusion Committee (LLDC)

Advisory Committee Charter

Meeting Minutes