Test Information / Registration Policies

Test Information:

  • Employees of DSHS please follow Bilingual Employee Test Scheduling Guidelines .
  • All others must schedule tests online through our scheduling system.
  • Important Terminology:
    • Certified Languages: Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Mandarin, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
    • Screened Languages: All non-certified languages - speakers of these languages receive authorization rather than certification but credentials are functionally the same.
  • Tests Offered:
    • Document Translator (certified languages only): requires passing one written test ($50). This is not an interpreter test. It is for the translation of written materials only.
    • Medical Interpreter (certified and screened languages): requires passing both oral ($45) and written ($30) tests.
    • Social Service Interpreter (certified and screened languages): requires passing both oral ($45) and written ($30) tests.
  • All certifications and authorizations require two hours of either medical or social service orientation and two hours of ethics training. More information.
  • For Chinese-Cantonese and Chinese-Mandarin interpreters, only one written test is needed for both certificates in each category (medical/social service) provided that the written is passed within two years of the oral test.
  • For multiple screened languages, only one written test is needed for all languages in each category (medical/social service) provided that the written is passed within two years of the oral test.
  • Please read the Examination Manual and Registration Polices (below) prior to scheduling a test.

Registration Policies:

These policies apply to all test candidates

  1. No walk-in registration at the test sites will be allowed.

  2. No Telephone registration will be allowed. *

  3. Registration without the required payment will not be processed. *

  4. When you schedule your own test appointment online, the system accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or debit card as payment methods. *

  5. It is your responsibility to enter accurate information when you schedule your test appointment online.

  6. Test appointment confirmation will be sent to you via email only. It is your responsibility to check your email for your appointment confirmation information. It is your responsibility to make sure your email setting does not block emails from us.

  7. If the candidate has a disability and needs a reasonable accommodation, please request the accommodation via telephone contact with LTC. Supporting documents such as a physician’s statement about the accommodation must be received by LTC before a test appointment can be confirmed.

  8. Candidates must attend the test session as indicated in the appointment confirmation letter. No free rescheduling will be granted if candidates fail to attend the confirmed test session.

  9. If candidates arrive late for the written test but still decide to go ahead and take it, they will be taking the test at the loss of their own time. Late arrival for the oral test may result in loss of the assigned time slot. No free rescheduling will be granted for late arrivals, whether candidates decide to take the test or not.

  10. If upon receiving your confirmation letter, you realize you will not be able to keep your appointment, please call or email our office immediately. If we do not hear from you within ten (10) calendar days from the date you scheduled your appointment, your appointment date will be made secured and all registration policies will take effect.

  11. Test fees are non-refundable. If candidates fail to attend the confirmed test session in the event of an emergency instead of refunding the test fee, the test session may be re-scheduled only once with supporting documentation such as police reports or physician statements about the emergency. *

  12. There is no attempt limit in trying to pass any of the tests. However, if candidates fail to pass a test after three (3) attempts, they may want to wait until they are better prepared before rescheduling for the same test. A new test appointment and payment are required for each and every test attempt.

  13. While a test is pending appeal, no reschedule application of the same test will be accepted.

  14. It is the candidates’ responsibility to inform LTC of any change of name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address. A name change request has to be made in writing with a photocopy of a court document such as a marriage or divorce certificate.

  15. Information about certified/authorized interpreters and translators are published on the LTC website. Any interpreter/translator who does not want to have their name or certain information published should send an email to dshsct@dshs.wa.gov and request to have their name removed or specify what information they do not want published.

*Except DSHS bilingual staff, applicants for openings of DSHS bilingual positions, and licensed agency personnel