Process Application Months

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Nov 02 2015

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What is Process Application Months?

Process Application Months is the second step when completing one of the following actions: Interview, Add a Person, Add a Program or Re-open

To help ensure that data is correct for all months of the application, users are required to go through Process Application Months to review data entered during the interview.

Information entered during the interview process is entered in the ongoing month and copied to all months included in the application. For more information, see the Copy Back chapter.

NOTE: When the client is active in another Assistance Unit, the User must enter information for each application month to ensure accuracy.

Process Application Months does not apply to Take Charge cases. For more information, see Take Charge Family Planning Medical (P06).

Online Processing

How do I complete Process Application Months?

It is not necessary to go into each application month to process the case if the household has no other active Assistance Units and there are no adjustments necessary in the prior months. If there are existing active cases for the household, any months prior to the ongoing month display red X in the Process Application Months section on the Case Actions page, 

To complete the processing application months, complete the following actions:

  1. Click on each month that displays red x.
  2. To process each application month, start at step 4 of How do I initiate and complete an intake interview?

Mainframe Processing

How do I complete Process Application Months?

To complete Process Application Months, take the following steps:

  1. From the AMEN screen, complete the following fields:
  • Selection field - Enter [P] Process Appl Months.
  • AU ID field - Enter the [AUID].
  1. <TRANSMIT> and the APP1 screen displays.
  • All benefit months requiring review display FINAL EDITS NEEDED in the Review Status section on the APP1 screen.
  • The system requires final edit validation on all months in the application period prior to the ongoing month. 
  • Once a benefit month has been reviewed, the Review Status changes to DATA COMMIT IN PROGRESS.
Note: The ongoing month displays under Review Status as WAITING REVIEW.
  1. On the APP1 screen, enter a [Y] in the Sel field for the first benefit month to be processed.
  2. Review the data in each month and make necessary updates. Call DONE and commit the data.
  3. Once all months have been reviewed, press <F13>  on the APP1 screen to return to the AMEN screen.
  4. To complete the application process, see How do I complete Finalize Application?


See ACES Screens and Online Pages for an example of pages or screens used in this chapter.