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Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) has continued to actively maintain strong partnerships at the state and local levels with Federally Recognized Tribes and Recognized American Indian Organizations (RAIOs). The collaborative efforts continue to ensure American Indians and Alaska Natives; including youth of disabilities receive the services they need to support their individualized rehabilitation planned programs, independence and inclusion in today’s workforce. JR continues to strive for improved relationships with Tribal leadership and enhanced services for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth and families.

In a recent bill with bipartisan support, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law SB 6115, which permits DSHS to contract with a Tribe to provide residential custody services in a rehabilitation facility for youth who have been sentenced by a Tribal Court – allowing for AI/AN youth who are in need of specialized treatment and rehabilitation services to be served in Juvenile Rehabilitation secured facilities.

As a long-term solution, this DSHS agency request bill formalizes the ability of the Tribes to enter into inter-local agreements with DSHS, and eventually the new Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). The bill clarifies DSHS’s authority to provide residential custody services to youth adjudicated and sentenced by a Tribal Court in this state; essentially codifying our existing practice, and will help to ensure that these agreements between the state and the Tribes will continue into the future by providing a legislative foundation for these agreements.  

With the passage of SB 6115, JR is advancing opportunities for Indian Nations within Washington State to enter into Residential Custody Service Agreements (RCSAs). Tribes who have expressed an interest in committing and placing youth adjudicated by Tribal Court are now able to be placed and in JR secured facilities for required rehabilitation services. The placement of AI/AN youth will be subject to all the applicable laws, rules, policies, procedures and practices governing juveniles committed to JR. To facilitate communication between tribal representatives, JR personnel, the juvenile and his/her family, JR identifies local points of contacts at each JR secured residential facility and within the referring Tribal Court to report on youth progress, answer questions and/or concerns of the referred youth throughout the JR continuum.

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