Compliance Monitoring Activities


The JJDPA Compliance Manager, Aaron Moore, will conduct on-site monitoring inspections and provide technical assistance to secure facilities that hold juveniles throughout the State of Washington.  The activities outlined below are required by the JJDPA and ensure accurate data reporting to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Survey & Data Collection

  • Conduct surveys of adult jails and lockups and summarize information from statewide surveys.
  • Compile self-reported information from jails and lockups regarding all juveniles held; follow-up with agencies, as applicable, to clarify information reported.
  • Collect and analyze data from all Juvenile Rehabilitation Institutions annually.
  • Collect data for status offenders placed in Secure CRCs annually.
  • Collect and analyze juvenile detention center data annually.
  • Information on the valid court order process will continue to be gathered from all juvenile courts statewide, and verified at onsite visits.
  • Distribute annual mailing to non-secure law enforcement facilities/departments statewide to verify their status has not changed and the facility remains non-secure.
  • Collect annual certification forms from secure law enforcement facilities and jails that by policy do not securely detain juveniles for any length of time and who do not have the structural capacity to hold or detain either adults or juveniles.

Onsite Monitoring

  • All facilities that hold or have the capacity to hold juveniles will receive an onsite monitoring visit once every three years.
  • Conduct onsite monitoring visits for 1/3rd of all jails and lockups annually, based on self-reporting survey data collected.
  • Conduct an onsite monitoring visit to one of the three secure Juvenile Rehabilitation institutions in the state annually.
  • Conduct onsite monitoring visits of 7 to 8 Juvenile Detention Centers annually.

Technical Assistance & Support

  • Provide information regarding state and federal requirements and technical assistance to all facilities as needed.
  • Continue to disseminate resource cards/guides on the secure holding of juveniles, and posters providing an outline of federal and state laws on jail removal, separation and DSO, for jails and law enforcement agencies.
  • Distribute information on PREA as requested by the federal OJJDP; also, continue to provide resources on PREA for law enforcement and jails via the OJJ/WA-PCJJ website.
  • Continue collaborative efforts with the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs and the Criminal Justice Training Commission, to enhance compliance monitoring efforts and educate law enforcement agencies statewide regarding the JJDP Act requirements.