DSHS Budget Archive

2016 Supplemental Budget Compromise Comparison


Aging and Long Term Support

Behavioral Health (Mental Health)

Behavioral Health (Alcohol and Substance Abuse)

Children's Administration

Developmental Disabilities Administration

Economic Services Administration

Juvenile Rehabilitation

Payments to Other Agencies

Special Commitment Center

Vocational Rehabilitation


2016 Supplemental Agency Budget Request

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

1115 Statewide Medicaid Waiver

Behavior Support Intervention

Critical Nursing Services

Unpaid Family Caregiver Support

Health Homes

IP Overtime

Kinship Navigator

MSA Rate Increase

RCS Fund Split Increase

RCS Quality Assistance Unit

Redesign In-Home Care System

Reduce Institution Stays

TBI Council Projects


Behavioral Health Administration

1115 Statewide Medicaid Project

Assisted Outpatient Administration

BH IT Staff and Servers

BH Quality Management Team

BH Statewide Ombudsman

BHO Data Consolidation Projects for BHO

Budget Structure Changes

CLIP Capacity


CSTC Staffing Needs

EHR Funding

EHR Support Model

Hospital Staffing Needs

I-502 Administration

TJC and CMS Quality Assurance

L&I Agreement

Psychiatrist Recruitment and Retention

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Psychiatrist Workload Study

budget proposal to Legislature


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