Interpreter Services

Behavioral Health Organizations - BHOs provide interpreter services for:

  • All Medicaid-funded mental health and substance use disorder services, except for:
    • Residents of Clark and Skamania Counties
    • American Indians and Alaska Natives who are seeking treatment for substance use disorders
  • Click here for BHO contacts

The state Health Care Authority provides interpreter services for:

  • Residents of Clark and Skamania Counties, except for American Indians and Alaska Natives seeking treatment services for substance use disorders.
  • To request interpreter services in these two counties, see page two of this document: Fully Integrated Managed Care Contacts.     

The DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery - DBHR pays for interpreter services for:

  • American Indians and Alaska Natives who are participating in Medicaid-funded treatment services for substance use disorders (including assessments, outpatient and inpatient treatment).  
  • Parents or guardians of American Indian or Alaska Native minors receiving DBHR- funded services for substance use disorders, when the treatment plan requires them to be present.
  • In-house Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, while in residential treatment, if the meetings are required by the patient's treatment plan.
  • Anyone attending a DBHR-funded or sponsored event, such as statewide conferences and public meetings.

When are translation services not paid for by DBHR?

  • For Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous meetings that are not required by the patient's treatment plan or are not in-house.
  • For forms specific to treatment agencies.
  • For residential treatment, interpreters are not covered during meals, sporting activities, or free-time.
  • For prevention services such as domestic violence classes, parenting classes and community outreach programs.
  • For long-term training activities funded through a county.

How do I request DBHR-funded interpreter services?

For American Indians and Alaska Natives enrolled in Medicaid, providers must complete and fax an Interpreter Services Request/Approval form to the DBHR Interpreter Services Coordinator and receive approval before services take place.  See instructions for completing and submitting the request form.

For questions about DBHR-funded interpreter services, email Ronnie San Nicolas or call (360) 725-1280.