About the Office of Indian Policy

Ensure Access

  • We develop recommendations in conjunction with DSHS Administrations, the Secretary's Indian Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC), Tribal governments and Indian organizations to improve service delivery to Indian people.
  • We ensure direct and timely access for tribal participation in the planning and development of service delivery.


  • We advocate for culturally relevant delivery of services to Indian tribes/communities.
  • We evaluate policy to ensure compliance with treaties, federal law, and Tribal/State agreements.
  • We monitor and evaluate DSHS services to Indian tribes/communities.
  • We ensure the implementation of the DSHS Administrative Policy 7.01.

Assist Communication

  • We strengthen working relationships between Indian people, DSHS and other agencies.
  • We coordinate and facilitate the development of regional resources for the provision of technical assistance and training to each region.
  • We facilitate consultation and provide information to Indian Tribal governments, off-reservation and Alaskan Natives to keep them advised of departmental matters.