Continuing Education (CE)

The NEW LTC Gateway tracking system was launched on 11/13/2020. Click here for more information.  

Starting November 1, 2020, LTC will no longer accept email submissions of continuing education credits, Signed Codes of Conduct, Background Check Attestation Forms, and Annual Ethics credits. If you earn credits or complete renewal requirements in or after November, you will submit these items in the new Gateway system. If you try to submit these items via email to after October 31 your email will be deleted and the submissions will not be recorded.

Continuing Education Requirements (per Washington Administrative Code Section 388-03-160)

All DSHS certifications and authorizations expire after four years unless the interpreter/translator earns and reports:
  • 16 general credits, earned any time in the four year cycle; and

  • 4  ethics credits, earned one credit per calendar year. In the LTC Gateway tracking system, you will have one from your certification date to earn your first credit, two years from certification to earn your second, and so on.

  • In addition to the required CE credits, every interpreter must submit a Signed Code of Conduct and a Background Check Attestation Form prior to renewal.

  • Notes: After renewal the 4 year cycle will repeat. No extra earned credits are carried over to the next cycle. All renewal requirements apply to all certification types. Renewal requirements are due on the last day of your four-year cycle. Certifications/Authorizations earned prior to 04/06/2015 expired on 4/6/19.

  • The one-time, temporary credential reinstatement has expired. Emergency rule, WAC 388-03-160(3) temporarily reinstated all DSHS certifications and authorizations that expire between April 6, 2019 and July 28, 2019. The temporary reinstatement expired on July 29, 2019. This temporary reinstatement did not allow the interpreter or translator to earn missing continuing education credits, or other renewal requirements, which were due upon the original certification/authorization expiration date.

DSHS Approved Activities - Changes have been made - please use the LTC Gateway website to search for CE activities after October 31, 2020

Only those courses pre-approved by DSHS are allowed as continuing education credits for DSHS certificates and authorizations.

  • The link below is a list of ALL approved continuing education activities for interpreters and translators. It includes upcoming in-person activities; upcoming online activities; approved web activities available 24/7; and previous activities approved by DSHS. Please note that courses must be completed within one year of the listed approval date. Please look through the entire list as some courses have been re-approved but may be located at the bottom or middle of the list.
  • Free annual ethics training. You can take this once a year to fulfill your yearly ethics credit. - Process has changed - please create your profile and use the link in Gateway to complete your annual ethics credit. 
    • After watching your training video and completing the quiz below - email a screenshot of your 100% quiz score to: (include all of your certification/authorization numbers - credits apply to all your current credentials).

Submitting CE Credits - Process has changed - no more email submissions after October 31, 2020. Please create your profile and submit your CE credits in Gateway!

  • Email  
    1. Submit your Certificate of completion issued by the provider. Please do not forward the email you received from the provider, either attach or paste to your email.  
    2. Include in the email (unless it is printed on the certificate) the DSHS approval number, approval date, the activity/class date, and the number of credits.
    3. Include all of your certification/authorization numbers.
  1. Providers of in-person activities will no longer submit sign-in sheets as the attendants’ proof of attendance; instead, same as online activities, they will issue you a certificate of completion.
  2. You must submit your certificate of completion within 6 months after completing a course in order to receive CE credits.
  3. You will receive credits for any given activity only once within the four-year cycle of your certification. 
  4. New Interpreter Orientations (both Medical and Social Services) will no longer be eligible for 1 general credit; all general credits have to be earned by taking CE courses approved by DSHS.
  5. Providers may submit no more than four (4) applications per month. 

CE Tracking - This tool has stopped updating on October 31, 2020. Please check your credential status in Gateway!

  • Open the Find an Interpreter page of the LTC website.
  • Click on Find Continuing Education Credit Status.
  • Enter either: 
    • Name - enter first and last name we have on file for you
      • You will be able to see all your certificates if you enter your name only; Or
    • Certificate number without any letters (do not include, MC, SC, TC, MA, or SA)
      • if you have multiple certificates, you'll have to check one by one
  • Tips: 
    • Fill in no more than one or two search lines for best results
    • Capital letters are not necessary
    • Total General Credits does not include Ethics credits. Ethics Credits are listed as dates, and each date is worth one credit. You will need 16 General Credits and 4 Ethics Credits.


For Providers Applying for Approval of Continuing Education Activities

Notice! Due to the imminent launch of the new LTC Gateway tracking system, starting on October 20, 2020, LTC will accept no applications for continuing education activities until December 1, 2020. For information about the new system please click here.

Guidelines for Application and Management of Interpreter and Translator CE Activities (06-15-2020)

Application Form (Form 02-592) (Rev 06-2020)


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