Operation of the PSRP

The PSRP operates under the statutory authority of RCW 10.77.270, and business is conducted in accordance with the By-Laws developed by the PSRP. The statute directs the PSRP to complete an independent assessment of the public safety risk of proposed changes in commitment status for patients found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity or committed after the court found the criminal defendant not competent to stand trial for a violent offense, and to provide advice in writing to the Secretary and to the court. The PSRP began reviewing cases and rendering recommendations in January, 2011. Review meetings are held at least monthly, generally by conference call, and are not open to the public due to the confidential nature of the material. Referrals for review come to the PSRP from Western State Hospital, Eastern State Hospital, and occasionally a prosecutor.


  • Reviews patient information, including the Secretary’s recommendation letter identifying proposed release criteria, psychological evaluations, court letters, and risk assessments;
  • May obtain an independent risk assessment, in addition to the risk assessment submitted by DSHS if additional information is necessary;
  • Offers the Prosecuting Attorney and the Defense Counsel the opportunity to provide direct input for consideration by the PSRP;
  • Provides a summary of the PSRP assessment and recommendation in writing to DSHS and the court for their consideration of action. The determination to grant or deny a conditional or unconditional release is made by the same court that made the commitment decision. The PSRP also provides advice and feedback to DSHS regarding related policies to Western and Eastern State Hospital.


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