PSRP Membership

The PSRP is a seven member multi-disciplinary panel with expertise from a variety of fields related to civil commitment, community supervision, and public safety. The members of the PSRP are appointed by the Governor for a renewable term of three years. By statute, the membership consists of one representative from each of these specific perspectives: A psychiatrist; a licensed clinical psychologist; a representative of the department of corrections; a prosecutor or a representative of a prosecutor's association; a representative of law enforcement or a law enforcement association; a consumer and family advocate representative, and; a public defender or a representative of a defender's association.

The current members of the PSRP are:

  • David Hackett – PSRP Chair and King County Prosecuting Attorney;
  • David Singley – Captain, Spokane Police Department;
  • Donta S. Harper, EdD, Senior Administrator –  Department of Corrections;
  • Terri Mayer, CEO Opengate – A Consumer and Family Advocate Representative;
  • Kari Reardon – PSRP Vice-Chair and Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense;
  • Vacant – Clinical Psychologist;
  • Katherine Michaelsen, MD – Psychiatrist

Members of the PSRP volunteer their time and are not employees of DSHS. As per statute, DSHS provides administrative support and financial support, which consists of the PSRP Executive Director position staffing the panel and reimbursement to members for travel expenses for occasional in-person PSRP meetings.


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