Public Records Request Responses

Please note the following about the records linked from this page. Requests are listed under the administration that retains all or the bulk of the requested records. Requests involving records from multiple administrations are listed under the Services and Enterprise Support Administration. Dates shown are the dates the records were sent to requesters. Information below summarizes the general topic of the request and the links are to the records sent to the requester. Page numbers on the records reflect the request identification number.

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA)

Behavioral Health Administration (BHA)

January 8, 2016Competency Restoration Services Contracts for Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health (Yakima) and Correct Care (Maple Lane School)

Children's Administration (CA)

Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

Economic Services Administration (ESA)

Financial Services Administration (FSA)

Rehabilitation Administration (RA)

Services and Enterprise Support Administration (SESA)

(includes requests involving records from multiple parts of DSHS)