Employment Services Team

Employment Services Team representatives are available statewide to assist employers trying to keep an employee with disability productive, find qualified applicants with disabilities, reduce hiring costs, or enhance your workforce diversity programs. Employment Services Team representatives are a direct link to local, state and national Vocational Rehabilitation partners addressing disability related challenges in the nation’s workforce.

Who are we?

  • We are dedicated, professional, public service employees ready to assist your business in meeting its human resource needs through recruitment and retention of valued employees with disabilities. With over 70 years experience in the rehabilitation, training and employment of people with disabilities, DVR staff is a reliable source of resources and expertise.
  • We provide “no cost” employment services to employers and businesses operating throughout the State of Washington. Professional services are free to employers and can save valuable time and money by reducing recruitment costs. Our staff and community partners can be a valuable asset to your company by helping you tap into an abundant pool of prospective employees.
  • People with disabilities receiving DVR services most often live and work in your community. We believe local relationships, make the strongest partnerships, and urge you to take advantage of our expertise. Let us help with:
    • understanding the vocational implications of a disability
    • accessing qualified job seekers with disabilities
    • information on disability related resources, support systems, work accommodations, and technologies
    • technical assistance and training to your staff on effective strategies for hiring or retaining persons with disabilities
    • creating a barrier-free facility and business
    • ways by which to improve customer service
    • identifying tax credits and other hiring incentives