Total Confinement Facility

Picture of residential housing unit at the Special Commitment Center Institution on McNeil IslandThe total confinement facility, located at the North Complex on McNeil Island opened in May 2004. Capacity of the state-of-the-art main facility is 228 beds for men and four beds for women in a separate, secured portion of one wing. An adjacent building for low maintenance residents added 80 beds in the fall of 2005. Design plans provide for expansion in phases as needed to accommodate up to a maximum operational capacity of 398 beds.



Secure Community Transition Facility in Pierce County

Picture of SCTF Program Building on McNeil IslandAlso located at the North Complex on McNeil Island is the Secure Community Transition Facility (SCTF) in Pierce County, designed to house SCC residents who receive court-ordered conditional releases from total confinement.  Established as a result of legislation enacted in 2001, the SCTF began operating in temporary quarters in late 2001 and moved to its permanent location in February 2003. This SCTF has a maximum capacity of twenty-four beds.



Secure Community Transition Facility in King County

Picture of outside of Seattle SCTF Building As required by law, the Special Commitment Center (SCC) Program developed an SCTF at a mainland location. Following an extensive search for property meeting the statutory siting requirements, the SCC Program selected a site that was an existing commercial property in South Seattle. Extensive remodeling of the building has been completed to provide for a capacity of six beds. When additional beds are needed, the facility will undergo a second phase renovation to add an additional six beds for a maximum capacity of twelve.