Juvenile Vocational Industries Program

JVIP Mission & Goals

Create a vocational industries experience for youth that will challenge their education focus and enhance their employability after incarceration.

The Juvenile Vocational Industries Program or "JVIP" is a new and exciting program that is designed to teach organizational learning skills in a real world educational/work setting to incarcerated youth in the State of Washington.

Juvenile Vocational Industries Program


MSA has a web page at that has all the purchasing information (for users inside the firewall) for your organization. JVIP complies with all state regulations and RCW 43.20A.445 for agencies to purchase our products. Just contact us on the Products Page to order.

To purchase from JVIP you need to:

  • Go to the Products Page and decide on the product you want
  • Select the Product Name in the dropdown menu and click Apply for information about the item
  • Fill out the Order Form with the correct information - We will send you a Sales Quote
  • Send back the confirmed Sales Quote and include a Purchase Order number
  • Mail, Fax, or Email the order form to the following:

JVIP Green Hill School
375 SW 11th St.
Chehalis, WA 98532
Phone:(360) 740-3410
Fax: (360) 740-3471
E-Mail: jvip@dshs.wa.gov

Vendor #: 916001083-02
Resale #: 342007865