Mentoring Program

Mentors are the Stuff of Success:

Every young person needs a mentor - a dependable adult who will care, will listen, and will advise. Ask any successful person if they had a mentor and their answer will inevitably be “yes”.

Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) has a long established mentoring program. We are grateful for the contributions JR mentors make in helping young people entangled with the justice system progress to confident, competent, responsible citizenship.

Juvenile Rehabilitation  Mentors:

  • Convey this very important message to young people: “You are worth my time and effort”
  • Encourage young people to recognize and use their unique talents
  • Coach young people to make positive choices for their future
  • Assist young people in restoring their place in the community

Mentor Program Requirements:

  • Submit a Volunteer Application (Available from any Mentoring Coordinator listed below)
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Attend training provided by JR

Mentor Program Commitment:

JR asks mentors to:

  • Make a commitment to mentor a youth for 12 months
  • Communicate weekly and meet in person at least once monthly with matched youth
  • Attend mentor program seminars, training, and other events as scheduled

For additional Information:

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a young person under JR supervision and would like to learn more about how you can participate in our program, please contact the following people:

Vern Peterson (Richland/Yakima)
(509) 585-3113
JR Region 1

Arturo Caballero (Spokane)
(509) 363-5039
JR Region 1

Wiley Grant Carter, Jr. (Seattle, Lynnwood)
Seattle: (206) 639-6021
Lynnwood: (425) 670-6047
JR Region 2

Major W. Harris, Jr. (SW Washington)
Vancouver (360) 397-4952
Lacey: (360) 407-3213
JR Region 3