SB 6160 Workshop Recommendations

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6160 Workshop Recommendations: Programs and Services Designated for Juvenile Rehabilitation Young Adults ages 18-25 Years Old

On October 1, 2018 Representative Noel Frame, in collaboration with Senator Patty Kuderer and Senator Jeannie Darneille, requested community partners and Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) assess and recommend essential programs and services for young people ages 18 to 25 years old. A workshop was designed to explore effective strategies, programs, and services that currently exist that could be enhanced or modify and identify opportunities for new programs and services to support young people transitioning from adolescence to adulthood within Juvenile Rehabilitation. The goal was to bring together subject matter experts to discuss multiple pathways to independence and self-sufficiency. In an effort to promote and support successful futures, workshop members identified and focused attention on five essential topic areas.  Focused areas include housing, education, employment, healthcare/treatment, and social supports.

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Short and Long Term Priorities

Chart: 6160 Workshop Recommendations Programs and Services

10-1-18 Meeting Documents SB 6160 Implementation

Data Response to Proposal to change age of JR jurisdiction updated 9.26

Juvenile Rehabilitation’s guiding principles

One Pager Residential programs best practices 9.26.18

One Pager SB 6160 update

One Pager Staffing Model Overview 9.27.18

Racial and Ethnic Disparities

12-12-18 Meeting Documents SB 6160 Implementation

CSG Dos-and-Donts - Sept. 2017

Juvenile Rehabilitation’s guiding principles

One Pager Community Facilities

One Pager JR to 25 Opportunities 9.27.18

One Pager MA

One Pager Parole Aftercare

One Pager Reentry

Reentry Education Employment Matrix 9.28.18

Workshop Recommendation for JR Young Adults w Appendices

Links to Research

Links to Research - 6160 Programs and Services

Anne Teigen - Emerging Adults

CF Presentation Reentry Subcommittee - Clean Version 8.15.18

Lael Chester, Emerging Adult Justice Lab

Lauren Knoth, PhD WSIPP WA State Criminal Justice Trend for Offenders Aged 18-25

Parole Aftercare Services White Paper FINAL

WA State House of Representatives Public Safety Committee Agenda