JDAI Outcomes in Washington State


Each of the juvenile courts replicating JDAI in Washington State has safely reduced their detention populations by implementing an array of alternatives to detention programs, expediting case-processing and developing a risk assessment tool to determine which youth require incarceration.

JDAI has reduced reliance on detention, freed resources for the development of more effective alternatives, and improved the overall efficiency of local juvenile justice systems. Instead of being drawn deeper into the system, many youth in JDAI sites have been provided with new opportunities to stay connected with their schools and families, solve the problems that brought them to court, and prepare for success in life.

Washington juvenile courts using JDAI strategies have significantly reduced their use of secure detention while also achieving historically high reductions in juvenile crime.

Jenny Young is the JDAI State Coordinator for Washington State. Contact Jenny at Jenny.Young@dshs.wa.gov or (360) 902-0872.